Name Description Size 1652
txBufferingHandler.cpp 13520
txBufferingHandler.h txBufferingHandler_h__ 1088
txCurrentFunctionCall.cpp Implementation of XSLT 1.0 extension function: current 1474
txDocumentFunctionCall.cpp DocumentFunctionCall A representation of the XSLT additional function: document() 4615
txExecutionState.cpp 14074
txExecutionState.h Struct holding information about a current template rule 5269
txEXSLTFunctions.cpp 25230
txEXSLTRegExFunctions.sys.mjs -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 4 -*- 965
txFormatNumberFunctionCall.cpp FormatNumberFunctionCall A representation of the XSLT additional function: format-number() 11423
txGenerateIdFunctionCall.cpp Implementation of XSLT 1.0 extension function: generate-id 2732
txIEXSLTFunctions.idl 760
txInstructions.cpp 23330
txInstructions.h 8055
txKey.h Class holding all <xsl:key>s of a particular expanded name in the stylesheet. 5433
txKeyFunctionCall.cpp txKeyFunctionCall A representation of the XSLT additional function: key() 10800
txMozillaStylesheetCompiler.cpp 19601
txMozillaTextOutput.cpp Create an XHTML document to hold the text. <html> <head /> <body> <pre id="transformiixResult"> * The text comes here * </pre> <body> </html> Except if we are transforming into a non-displayed document we create the following DOM <transformiix:result> * The text comes here * </transformiix:result> 8005
txMozillaTextOutput.h 1405
txMozillaXMLOutput.cpp 29006
txMozillaXMLOutput.h 4207
txMozillaXSLTProcessor.cpp Output Handler Factories 35508
txMozillaXSLTProcessor.h txMozillaXSLTProcessor is a front-end to the XSLT Processor. 6010
txNodeSorter.cpp Sorts Nodes as specified by the W3C XSLT 1.0 Recommendation 7042
txNodeSorter.h Sorts Nodes as specified by the W3C XSLT 1.0 Recommendation 1520
txOutputFormat.cpp 2944
txOutputFormat.h 1761
txPatternOptimizer.cpp 1897
txPatternOptimizer.h Optimize the given pattern. @param aInPattern Pattern to optimize. @param aOutPattern Resulting pattern, null if optimization didn't result in a new pattern. 922
txPatternParser.cpp 8059
txPatternParser.h 1474
txRtfHandler.cpp 1486
txRtfHandler.h txRtfHandler_h___ 1209
txStylesheet.cpp 16670
txStylesheet.h Called by the stylesheet compiler once all stylesheets has been read. 5597
txStylesheetCompileHandlers.cpp 75073
txStylesheetCompileHandlers.h 1891
txStylesheetCompiler.cpp 26845
txStylesheetCompiler.h Should the stylesheet be parsed in forwards compatible parsing mode. 7954
txTextHandler.cpp 1891
txTextHandler.h 617
txToplevelItems.cpp 1617
txToplevelItems.h 2721
txUnknownHandler.cpp 6781
txUnknownHandler.h XXX we shouldn't hold to the txExecutionState, as we're supposed to live without it. But as a standalone handler, we don't. The right fix may need a txOutputFormat here. 1160
txVariableMap.h Map that maps from expanded name to an expression result value. This is just a base class, use txVariableMap or txParameterMap instead. 2570
txXMLEventHandler.h An interface for handling XML documents, loosely modeled after Dave Megginson's SAX 1.0 API. 6960
txXPathResultComparator.cpp 5222
txXPathResultComparator.h Result comparators 2531
txXSLTEnvironmentFunctionCall.cpp 5212
txXSLTFunctions.h The definition for the XSLT document() function 3203
txXSLTMsgsURL.h 476
txXSLTNumber.cpp 21067
txXSLTNumber.h getSiblingCount uses aWalker to walk the siblings of aWalker's current position. 2345
txXSLTNumberCounters.cpp 5851
txXSLTPatterns.cpp Returns the default priority of this Pattern. UnionPatterns don't like this. This should be called on the simple patterns. 14491
txXSLTPatterns.h Determines whether this Pattern matches the given node. 5529
txXSLTProcessor.cpp static 1223
txXSLTProcessor.h Initialisation and shutdown routines. Initilizes and cleansup all dependant classes 785