Name Description Size
chrome.toml 511
dummy_page.html Dummy test page 149
head.js Loads an iframe. @return {Promise} promise that resolves when iframe is loaded. 720
htmlconstructor_autonomous_tests.js 3506
htmlconstructor_builtin_tests.js 7967
inert_style.css This style is linked in test_shadowroot_inert_link to ensure that link element in ShadowRoot is inert. 349
mochitest.toml 1733
test_bug900724.html Test for form-association in template contents. 1465
test_bug1017896.html Test template element in stale document. 897
test_bug1269155.html Test for Bug 1269155 4142
test_bug1276240.html Test for Bug 1276240 1136
test_custom_element_auto_import.html Test for custom element auto import behavior 2366
test_custom_element_callback_innerhtml.html Test for connected callback for element created in the document by the parser 1139
test_custom_element_define.html Test for customElements.define 6229
test_custom_element_define_parser.html Test for customElements.define for elements created by the parser 1808
test_custom_element_get.html Test custom elements get function. 1066
test_custom_element_htmlconstructor.html Test HTMLConstructor for custom elements. 1347
test_custom_element_htmlconstructor_chrome.html Test HTMLConstructor for custom elements. 1336
test_custom_element_in_shadow.html Test for custom element callbacks in shadow DOM. 4849
test_custom_element_lifecycle.html Test for custom elements lifecycle callback 14786
test_custom_element_namespace.html Custom Elements in an HTML document 3179
test_custom_element_namespace.xhtml Custom Elements in an XHTML document 3682
test_custom_element_set_element_creation_callback.html Test for customElements.setElementCreationCallback 6793
test_custom_element_stack.html Test for custom elements lifecycle callback 4506
test_custom_element_template.html Test for custom elements in template 794
test_custom_element_throw_on_dynamic_markup_insertion.html Test throw on dynamic markup insertion when creating element synchronously from parser 2173
test_custom_element_uncatchable_exception.html Test custom elements runtime exception 1117
test_custom_element_upgrade.html Test upgrade steps for custom elements. 1248
test_custom_element_upgrade_chrome.html Test upgrade steps for custom elements. 1315
test_custom_element_when_defined.html Test custom elements whenDefined function. 4352
test_declarative_shadowdom_failure_log.html Test for Logging of Declarative ShadowDOM attachment failure 1131
test_declarative_shadowdom_reentry.html Test for Logging of Declarative ShadowDOM attachment failure 816
test_detached_style.html Test for creating style in shadow root of host not in document. 1120
test_document_adoptnode.html Test for Bug 1177991 1175
test_document_importnode.html Test for Bug 1177914 1178
test_event_composed.html Test for composed event in web components 1870
test_event_retarget.html Test for event retargeting in web components 6708
test_link_prefetch.html Test Prefetch (bug 580313) 3770
test_shadowdom_active_pseudo_class.html Test :active pseudo-class in shadow DOM 2206
test_shadowdom_ime.html Test for Bug 1429982 1604
test_shadowroot.html Test for ShadowRoot 3877
test_shadowroot_clonenode.html Test for Bug 1429982 1238
test_shadowroot_inert_element.html Test for inert elements in ShadowRoot 935
test_shadowroot_style.html Test for ShadowRoot styling 4550
test_shadowroot_style_order.html Test for ShadowRoot style order 1986
test_style_fallback_content.html Test for styling fallback content 1457
test_template.html Test for template element 7222
test_template_xhtml.html Test for template element 2044
test_upgrade_page.html Upgrade test page 194
test_xul_custom_element.xhtml XUL Custom Elements 19589
test_xul_shadowdom_accesskey.xhtml 2010
upgrade_tests.js 4267