Name Description Size
FetchEventOpChild.cpp 16116
FetchEventOpChild.h FetchEventOpChild represents an in-flight FetchEvent operation. 2786
FetchEventOpParent.cpp 1474
FetchEventOpParent.h 1009
FetchEventOpProxyChild.cpp 5184
FetchEventOpProxyChild.h 1581
FetchEventOpProxyParent.cpp static 6041
FetchEventOpProxyParent.h FetchEventOpProxyParent owns a FetchEventOpParent and is responsible for calling PFetchEventOpParent::Send__delete__. 1905
IPCServiceWorkerDescriptor.ipdlh 847
IPCServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor.ipdlh 1725
PFetchEventOp.ipdl 722
PFetchEventOpProxy.ipdl 708
PServiceWorker.ipdl 559
PServiceWorkerContainer.ipdl 1178
PServiceWorkerManager.ipdl 1414
PServiceWorkerRegistration.ipdl 795
PServiceWorkerUpdater.ipdl 597
RemoteServiceWorkerContainerImpl.cpp 7844
RemoteServiceWorkerContainerImpl.h 2162
RemoteServiceWorkerImpl.cpp 3131
RemoteServiceWorkerImpl.h 1495
RemoteServiceWorkerRegistrationImpl.cpp 4957
RemoteServiceWorkerRegistrationImpl.h 1825
ServiceWorker.cpp 9427
ServiceWorker.h 4309
ServiceWorkerActors.cpp 3036
ServiceWorkerActors.h 2138
ServiceWorkerChild.cpp 1882
ServiceWorkerChild.h 1133
ServiceWorkerCloneData.cpp 3661
ServiceWorkerCloneData.h 2702
ServiceWorkerContainer.cpp static 27110
ServiceWorkerContainer.h 6225
ServiceWorkerContainerChild.cpp 2067
ServiceWorkerContainerChild.h 1219
ServiceWorkerContainerImpl.cpp 6150
ServiceWorkerContainerImpl.h mozilla_dom_serviceworkercontainerimpl_h__ 1943
ServiceWorkerContainerParent.cpp 3961
ServiceWorkerContainerParent.h 1783
ServiceWorkerContainerProxy.cpp 4988
ServiceWorkerContainerProxy.h 1473
ServiceWorkerDescriptor.cpp 4551
ServiceWorkerDescriptor.h 3381
ServiceWorkerEvents.cpp 43869
ServiceWorkerEvents.h 9547
ServiceWorkerIPCUtils.h 1249
ServiceWorkerImpl.cpp 2632
ServiceWorkerImpl.h 1472
ServiceWorkerInfo.cpp 9073
ServiceWorkerInfo.h Wherever the spec treats a worker instance and a description of said worker as the same thing; i.e. "Resolve foo with _GetNewestWorker(serviceWorkerRegistration)", we represent the description by this class and spawn a ServiceWorker in the right global when required. 5137
ServiceWorkerInterceptController.cpp 3846
ServiceWorkerInterceptController.h 835
ServiceWorkerJob.cpp 7320
ServiceWorkerJob.h 4432
ServiceWorkerJobQueue.cpp 3463
ServiceWorkerJobQueue.h 975
ServiceWorkerManager.cpp 109978
ServiceWorkerManager.h f4f8755a-69ca-46e8-a65d-775745535990 16259
ServiceWorkerManagerChild.cpp 2832
ServiceWorkerManagerChild.h 1799
ServiceWorkerManagerParent.cpp 10031
ServiceWorkerManagerParent.h 2414
ServiceWorkerManagerService.cpp static 7621
ServiceWorkerManagerService.h 2407
ServiceWorkerOp.cpp ExtendableEvent::ExtensionsHandler interface 53787
ServiceWorkerOp.h This must be called once and only once before the first call to `MaybeStart()`; `aActor` will be used for `AsyncLog()` and `ReportCanceled().` 5481
ServiceWorkerOpArgs.ipdlh ServiceWorkerOpArgs 2859
ServiceWorkerOpPromise.h 1127
ServiceWorkerParent.cpp 1878
ServiceWorkerParent.h 1210
ServiceWorkerPrivate.cpp 70468
ServiceWorkerPrivate.h 10687
ServiceWorkerPrivateImpl.cpp 32882
ServiceWorkerPrivateImpl.h ServiceWorkerPrivate::Inner 7546
ServiceWorkerProxy.cpp 3832
ServiceWorkerProxy.h 1639
ServiceWorkerRegisterJob.cpp 1883
ServiceWorkerRegisterJob.h 1272
ServiceWorkerRegistrar.cpp static 38018
ServiceWorkerRegistrar.h 3022
ServiceWorkerRegistrarTypes.ipdlh 749
ServiceWorkerRegistration.cpp static 19087
ServiceWorkerRegistration.h 5309
ServiceWorkerRegistrationChild.cpp 2546
ServiceWorkerRegistrationChild.h 1483
ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor.cpp 8598
ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor.h 3403
ServiceWorkerRegistrationImpl.cpp 31006
ServiceWorkerRegistrationImpl.h 4121
ServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo.cpp 25398
ServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo.h 8203
ServiceWorkerRegistrationListener.h mozilla_dom_ServiceWorkerRegistrationListener_h 1194
ServiceWorkerRegistrationParent.cpp 2906
ServiceWorkerRegistrationParent.h 1469
ServiceWorkerRegistrationProxy.cpp 12459
ServiceWorkerRegistrationProxy.h 2606
ServiceWorkerScriptCache.cpp force trusted origin 40867
ServiceWorkerScriptCache.h If there is an error, ignore aInCacheAndEqual and aNewCacheName. On success, if the cached result and network result matched, aInCacheAndEqual will be true and no new cache name is passed, otherwise use the new cache name to load the ServiceWorker. 1796
ServiceWorkerShutdownBlocker.cpp static 7488
ServiceWorkerShutdownBlocker.h Main thread only. A ServiceWorkerShutdownBlocker will "accept promises", and each of these promises will be a "pending promise" while it hasn't settled. At some point, `StopAcceptingPromises()` should be called and the state will change to "not accepting promises" (this is a one way state transition). The shutdown phase of the shutdown client the blocker is created with will be blocked until there are no more pending promises. It doesn't matter whether the state changes to "not accepting promises" before or during the associated shutdown phase. In beta/release builds there will be an additional timer that starts ticking once both the shutdown phase has been reached and the state is "not accepting promises". If when the timer expire there are still pending promises, shutdown will be forcefully unblocked. 4951
ServiceWorkerShutdownState.cpp 5378
ServiceWorkerShutdownState.h 1804
ServiceWorkerUnregisterCallback.cpp 1106
ServiceWorkerUnregisterCallback.h 1168
ServiceWorkerUnregisterJob.cpp 4322
ServiceWorkerUnregisterJob.h 1017
ServiceWorkerUpdateJob.cpp The spec mandates slightly different behaviors for computing the scope prefix string in case a Service-Worker-Allowed header is specified versus when it's not available. With the header: "Set maxScopeString to "/" concatenated with the strings in maxScope's path (including empty strings), separated from each other by "/"." Without the header: "Set maxScopeString to "/" concatenated with the strings, except the last string that denotes the script's file name, in registration's registering script url's path (including empty strings), separated from each other by "/"." In simpler terms, if the header is not present, we should only use the "directory" part of the pathname, and otherwise the entire pathname should be used. ScopeStringPrefixMode allows the caller to specify the desired behavior. 17908
ServiceWorkerUpdateJob.h 3786
ServiceWorkerUpdaterChild.cpp 1838
ServiceWorkerUpdaterChild.h 1244
ServiceWorkerUpdaterParent.cpp 810
ServiceWorkerUpdaterParent.h 946
ServiceWorkerUtils.cpp allowIfInheritsPrincipal 5258
ServiceWorkerUtils.h 1831 3779
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