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Promise-inl.h @param aPromise A promise that will be settled by the result of the callbacks. Any thrown value to ErrorResult passed to those callbacks will be used to reject the promise, otherwise the promise will be resolved with the return value. @param aOnResolve A resolve callback @param aOnReject A reject callback @param aArgs The custom arguments to be passed to the both callbacks. The handler class will grab them to make them live long enough and to allow cycle collection. @param aJSArgs The JS arguments to be passed to the both callbacks, after native arguments. The handler will also grab them and allow garbage collection. XXX(krosylight): ideally there should be two signatures, with or without a promise parameter. Unfortunately doing so confuses the compiler and errors out, because nothing prevents promise from being ResolveCallback. 12834
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PromiseNativeHandler.h PromiseNativeHandler allows C++ to react to a Promise being rejected/resolved. A PromiseNativeHandler can be appended to a Promise using Promise::AppendNativeHandler(). 2100
PromiseWorkerProxy.h 8308
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