Name Description Size
components.conf 548 1135
nsIWebVTTListener.idl Listener for a JS WebVTT parser (vtt.js). 1063
nsIWebVTTParserWrapper.idl Interface for a wrapper of a JS WebVTT parser (vtt.js). 3339
package.json 78
test 4
TextTrack.cpp 12407
TextTrack.h 4576
TextTrackCue.cpp Save a reference to our creating document so we don't have to keep getting it from our window. 8035
TextTrackCue.h 8863
TextTrackCueList.cpp 3406
TextTrackCueList.h 2381
TextTrackList.cpp 6071
TextTrackList.h 2540
TextTrackRegion.cpp 1937
TextTrackRegion.h WebIDL Methods. 3603
update-webvtt.js eslint-env node 1812
vtt.jsm Code below is vtt.js the JS WebVTT implementation. Current source code can be found at Code taken from commit b89bfd06cd788a68c67e03f44561afe833db0849 58277
WebVTTListener.cpp 6502
WebVTTListener.h Loads the WebVTTListener. Must call this in order for the listener to be ready to parse data that is passed to it. 2201
WebVTTParserWrapper.jsm 1650