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This directory contains the code originally borrowed from the Blink Web Audio
implementation. We are forking the code here because in many cases the burden
of adopting Blink specific utilities is too large compared to the prospect of
importing upstream fixes by just copying newer versions of the code in the
The process of borrowing code from Blink is as follows:
* Try to borrow utility classes only, and avoid borrowing code which depends
too much on the Blink specific utilities.
* First, import the pristine files from the Blink repository before adding
them to the build system, noting the SVN revision of Blink from which the
original files were copied in the commit message.
* In a separate commit, add the imported source files to the build system,
and apply the necessary changes to make it build successfully.
* Use the code in a separate commit.
* Never add headers as exported headers. All headers should be included
using the following convention: #include "blink/Header.h".
* Leave the imported code in the WebCore namespace, and import the needed
names into the Mozilla code via `using'.
* Cherry-pick upsteam fixes manually when needed. In case you fix a problem
that is not Mozilla specific locally, try to upstream your changes into
* Ping ehsan for any questions.