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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef __FFmpegLibWrapper_h__
#define __FFmpegLibWrapper_h__
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "mozilla/Types.h"
#include "ffvpx/tx.h"
struct AVCodec;
struct AVCodecContext;
struct AVCodecDescriptor;
struct AVFrame;
struct AVPacket;
struct AVDictionary;
struct AVCodecParserContext;
struct PRLibrary;
struct AVChannelLayout;
struct AVCodecHWConfig;
struct AVVAAPIHWConfig;
struct AVHWFramesConstraints;
struct AVBufferRef;
namespace mozilla {
// The class is used only in static storage and so is zero initialized.
FFmpegLibWrapper() = default;
// The libraries are not unloaded in the destructor, because doing so would
// require a static constructor to register the static destructor. As the
// class is in static storage, the destructor would only run on shutdown
// anyway.
~FFmpegLibWrapper() = default;
enum class LinkResult {
static const char* LinkResultToString(LinkResult aResult) {
switch (aResult) {
case LinkResult::Success:
return "Success";
case LinkResult::NoProvidedLib:
return "NoProvidedLib";
case LinkResult::NoAVCodecVersion:
return "NoAVCodecVersion";
case LinkResult::CannotUseLibAV57:
return "CannotUseLibAV57";
case LinkResult::BlockedOldLibAVVersion:
return "BlockedOldLibAVVersion";
case LinkResult::UnknownFutureLibAVVersion:
return "UnknownFutureLibAVVersion";
case LinkResult::UnknownFutureFFMpegVersion:
return "UnknownFutureFFMpegVersion";
case LinkResult::UnknownOlderFFMpegVersion:
return "UnknownOlderFFMpegVersion";
case LinkResult::MissingFFMpegFunction:
return "MissingFFMpegFunction";
case LinkResult::MissingLibAVFunction:
return "MissingLibAVFunction";
return "Unknown";
// Examine mAVCodecLib, mAVUtilLib and mVALib, and attempt to resolve
// all symbols.
// Upon failure, the entire object will be reset and any attached libraries
// will be unlinked.
LinkResult Link();
// Reset the wrapper and unlink all attached libraries.
void Unlink();
// Check if mVALib are available and we can use HW decode.
bool IsVAAPIAvailable();
void LinkVAAPILibs();
// indicate the version of libavcodec linked to.
// 0 indicates that the function wasn't initialized with Link().
int mVersion;
// libavcodec
unsigned (*avcodec_version)();
int (*av_lockmgr_register)(int (*cb)(void** mutex, int op));
AVCodecContext* (*avcodec_alloc_context3)(const AVCodec* codec);
int (*avcodec_close)(AVCodecContext* avctx);
int (*avcodec_decode_audio4)(AVCodecContext* avctx, AVFrame* frame,
int* got_frame_ptr, const AVPacket* avpkt);
int (*avcodec_decode_video2)(AVCodecContext* avctx, AVFrame* picture,
int* got_picture_ptr, const AVPacket* avpkt);
AVCodec* (*avcodec_find_decoder)(int id);
AVCodec* (*avcodec_find_decoder_by_name)(const char* name);
AVCodec* (*avcodec_find_encoder)(int id);
AVCodec* (*avcodec_find_encoder_by_name)(const char* name);
void (*avcodec_flush_buffers)(AVCodecContext* avctx);
int (*avcodec_open2)(AVCodecContext* avctx, const AVCodec* codec,
AVDictionary** options);
void (*avcodec_register_all)();
void (*av_init_packet)(AVPacket* pkt);
AVCodecParserContext* (*av_parser_init)(int codec_id);
void (*av_parser_close)(AVCodecParserContext* s);
int (*av_parser_parse2)(AVCodecParserContext* s, AVCodecContext* avctx,
uint8_t** poutbuf, int* poutbuf_size,
const uint8_t* buf, int buf_size, int64_t pts,
int64_t dts, int64_t pos);
AVCodec* (*av_codec_iterate)(void** opaque);
int (*av_codec_is_decoder)(const AVCodec* codec);
void (*avcodec_align_dimensions)(AVCodecContext* s, int* width, int* height);
int (*av_strerror)(int errnum, char* errbuf, size_t errbuf_size);
AVCodecDescriptor* (*avcodec_descriptor_get)(int id);
// only used in libavcodec <= 54
AVFrame* (*avcodec_alloc_frame)();
void (*avcodec_get_frame_defaults)(AVFrame* pic);
// libavcodec v54 only
void (*avcodec_free_frame)(AVFrame** frame);
// libavcodec >= v55
int (*avcodec_default_get_buffer2)(AVCodecContext* s, AVFrame* frame,
int flags);
// libavcodec >= v57
void (*av_packet_unref)(AVPacket* pkt);
void (*av_packet_free)(AVPacket** pkt);
// libavcodec >= 61
AVPacket* (*av_packet_alloc)();
// libavcodec v58 and later only
int (*avcodec_send_packet)(AVCodecContext* avctx, const AVPacket* avpkt);
int (*avcodec_receive_packet)(AVCodecContext* avctx, AVPacket* avpkt);
int (*avcodec_send_frame)(AVCodecContext* avctx, const AVFrame* frame);
int (*avcodec_receive_frame)(AVCodecContext* avctx, AVFrame* frame);
// libavutil
void (*av_log_set_level)(int level);
void* (*av_malloc)(size_t size);
void (*av_freep)(void* ptr);
int (*av_image_check_size)(unsigned int w, unsigned int h, int log_offset,
void* log_ctx);
int (*av_image_get_buffer_size)(int pix_fmt, int width, int height,
int align);
const char* (*av_get_sample_fmt_name)(int sample_fmt);
void (*av_channel_layout_default)(AVChannelLayout* ch_layout,
int nb_channels);
void (*av_channel_layout_from_mask)(AVChannelLayout* ch_layout,
uint64_t mask);
int (*av_channel_layout_copy)(AVChannelLayout* dst, AVChannelLayout* src);
int (*av_dict_set)(AVDictionary** pm, const char* key, const char* value,
int flags);
void (*av_dict_free)(AVDictionary** m);
int (*av_opt_set)(void* obj, const char* name, const char* val,
int search_flags);
int (*av_opt_set_double)(void* obj, const char* name, double val,
int search_flags);
int (*av_opt_set_int)(void* obj, const char* name, int64_t val,
int search_flags);
// libavutil v55 and later only
AVFrame* (*av_frame_alloc)();
void (*av_frame_free)(AVFrame** frame);
void (*av_frame_unref)(AVFrame* frame);
int (*av_frame_get_buffer)(AVFrame* frame, int align);
int (*av_frame_make_writable)(AVFrame* frame);
AVBufferRef* (*av_buffer_create)(uint8_t* data, int size,
void (*free)(void* opaque, uint8_t* data),
void* opaque, int flags);
// libavutil >= v56
void* (*av_buffer_get_opaque)(const AVBufferRef* buf);
// libavutil optional
int (*av_frame_get_colorspace)(const AVFrame* frame);
int (*av_frame_get_color_range)(const AVFrame* frame);
const AVCodecHWConfig* (*avcodec_get_hw_config)(const AVCodec* codec,
int index);
AVBufferRef* (*av_hwdevice_ctx_alloc)(int);
int (*av_hwdevice_ctx_init)(AVBufferRef* ref);
AVVAAPIHWConfig* (*av_hwdevice_hwconfig_alloc)(AVBufferRef* device_ctx);
AVHWFramesConstraints* (*av_hwdevice_get_hwframe_constraints)(
AVBufferRef* ref, const void* hwconfig);
void (*av_hwframe_constraints_free)(AVHWFramesConstraints** constraints);
AVBufferRef* (*av_buffer_ref)(AVBufferRef* buf);
void (*av_buffer_unref)(AVBufferRef** buf);
int (*av_hwframe_transfer_get_formats)(AVBufferRef* hwframe_ctx, int dir,
int** formats, int flags);
int (*av_hwdevice_ctx_create_derived)(AVBufferRef** dst_ctx, int type,
AVBufferRef* src_ctx, int flags);
AVBufferRef* (*av_hwframe_ctx_alloc)(AVBufferRef* device_ctx);
const char* (*avcodec_get_name)(int id);
char* (*av_get_pix_fmt_string)(char* buf, int buf_size, int pix_fmt);
int (*vaExportSurfaceHandle)(void*, unsigned int, uint32_t, uint32_t, void*);
int (*vaSyncSurface)(void*, unsigned int);
int (*vaInitialize)(void* dpy, int* major_version, int* minor_version);
int (*vaTerminate)(void* dpy);
void* (*vaGetDisplayDRM)(int fd);
// Only ever used with ffvpx
decltype(::av_tx_init)* av_tx_init;
decltype(::av_tx_uninit)* av_tx_uninit;
PRLibrary* mAVCodecLib;
PRLibrary* mAVUtilLib;
PRLibrary* mVALib;
PRLibrary* mVALibDrm;
} // namespace mozilla
#endif // FFmpegLibWrapper