Name Description Size
agnostic 24
AllocationPolicy.cpp 8800
AllocationPolicy.h Before calling PDMFactory::CreateDecoder(), Alloc() must be called on the policy to get a token object as a permission to create a decoder. The token should stay alive until Shutdown() is called on the decoder. The destructor of the token will restore the decoder count so it is available for next calls of Alloc(). 5868
android 9
apple 11
ffmpeg 26
MediaCodecsSupport.h MediaCodecsSupport_h_ 719
MediaTelemetryConstants.h 653 3963
omx 14
PDMFactory.cpp static 26684
PDMFactory.h All the codecs we support 4316
PEMFactory.cpp 1730
PEMFactory.h PEMFactory_h_ 1272
PlatformDecoderModule.cpp 2056
PlatformDecoderModule.h 21631
PlatformEncoderModule.h auto resize 14214
ReorderQueue.h 821
SimpleMap.h 1417
wmf 31
wrappers 6