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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef RemoteDataDecoder_h_
#define RemoteDataDecoder_h_
#include "AndroidDecoderModule.h"
#include "SurfaceTexture.h"
#include "TimeUnits.h"
#include "mozilla/Maybe.h"
#include "mozilla/Monitor.h"
#include "mozilla/java/CodecProxyWrappers.h"
namespace mozilla {
DDLoggedTypeDeclNameAndBase(RemoteDataDecoder, MediaDataDecoder);
class RemoteDataDecoder : public MediaDataDecoder,
public DecoderDoctorLifeLogger<RemoteDataDecoder> {
static already_AddRefed<MediaDataDecoder> CreateAudioDecoder(
const CreateDecoderParams& aParams, const nsString& aDrmStubId,
CDMProxy* aProxy);
static already_AddRefed<MediaDataDecoder> CreateVideoDecoder(
const CreateDecoderParams& aParams, const nsString& aDrmStubId,
CDMProxy* aProxy);
RefPtr<DecodePromise> Decode(MediaRawData* aSample) override;
RefPtr<DecodePromise> Drain() override;
RefPtr<FlushPromise> Flush() override;
RefPtr<ShutdownPromise> Shutdown() override;
nsCString GetDescriptionName() const override {
return "android decoder (remote)"_ns;
virtual ~RemoteDataDecoder() {}
RemoteDataDecoder(MediaData::Type aType, const nsACString& aMimeType,
java::sdk::MediaFormat::Param aFormat,
const nsString& aDrmStubId);
// Methods only called on mThread.
void UpdateInputStatus(int64_t aTimestamp, bool aProcessed);
void UpdateOutputStatus(RefPtr<MediaData>&& aSample);
void ReturnDecodedData();
void DrainComplete();
void Error(const MediaResult& aError);
void AssertOnThread() const {
// mThread may not be set if Init hasn't been called first.
MOZ_ASSERT(!mThread || mThread->IsOnCurrentThread());
void SetState(State aState) {
mState = aState;
State GetState() const {
return mState;
// Whether the sample will be used.
virtual bool IsUsefulData(const RefPtr<MediaData>& aSample) { return true; }
MediaData::Type mType;
nsAutoCString mMimeType;
java::sdk::MediaFormat::GlobalRef mFormat;
java::CodecProxy::GlobalRef mJavaDecoder;
java::CodecProxy::NativeCallbacks::GlobalRef mJavaCallbacks;
nsString mDrmStubId;
nsCOMPtr<nsISerialEventTarget> mThread;
// Preallocated Java object used as a reusable storage for input buffer
// information. Contents must be changed only on mThread.
java::sdk::BufferInfo::GlobalRef mInputBufferInfo;
// Session ID attached to samples. It is returned by CodecProxy::Input().
// Accessed on mThread only.
int64_t mSession;
enum class PendingOp { INCREASE, DECREASE, CLEAR };
void UpdatePendingInputStatus(PendingOp aOp);
size_t HasPendingInputs() {
return mNumPendingInputs > 0;
// The following members must only be accessed on mThread.
MozPromiseHolder<DecodePromise> mDecodePromise;
MozPromiseHolder<DecodePromise> mDrainPromise;
DecodedData mDecodedData;
State mState = State::DRAINED;
size_t mNumPendingInputs;
} // namespace mozilla