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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
* You can obtain one at */
#include "MediaControlKeySource.h"
#include "MediaStatusManager.h"
namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {
class BrowsingContext;
* ContentMediaControlKeyReceiver is an interface which is used to receive media
* control key sent from the chrome process.
class ContentMediaControlKeyReceiver {
// Return nullptr if the top level browsing context is no longer alive.
static ContentMediaControlKeyReceiver* Get(BrowsingContext* aBC);
// Use this method to handle the event from `ContentMediaAgent`.
virtual void HandleMediaKey(MediaControlKey aKey) = 0;
virtual bool IsPlaying() const = 0;
* ContentMediaAgent is an interface which we use to (1) propoagate media
* related information from the content process to the chrome process (2) act an
* event source to dispatch media control key to its listeners.
* If the media would like to know the media control key, then media MUST
* inherit from ContentMediaControlKeyReceiver, and register themselves to
* ContentMediaAgent. Whenever media control key delivers, ContentMediaAgent
* would notify all its receivers. In addition, whenever controlled media
* changes its playback status or audible state, they should update their status
* update via ContentMediaAgent.
class ContentMediaAgent : public IMediaInfoUpdater {
// Return nullptr if the top level browsing context is no longer alive.
static ContentMediaAgent* Get(BrowsingContext* aBC);
// IMediaInfoUpdater Methods
void NotifyMediaPlaybackChanged(uint64_t aBrowsingContextId,
MediaPlaybackState aState) override;
void NotifyMediaAudibleChanged(uint64_t aBrowsingContextId,
MediaAudibleState aState) override;
void SetIsInPictureInPictureMode(uint64_t aBrowsingContextId,
bool aIsInPictureInPictureMode) override;
void SetDeclaredPlaybackState(uint64_t aBrowsingContextId,
MediaSessionPlaybackState aState) override;
void NotifySessionCreated(uint64_t aBrowsingContextId) override;
void NotifySessionDestroyed(uint64_t aBrowsingContextId) override;
void UpdateMetadata(uint64_t aBrowsingContextId,
const Maybe<MediaMetadataBase>& aMetadata) override;
void EnableAction(uint64_t aBrowsingContextId,
MediaSessionAction aAction) override;
void DisableAction(uint64_t aBrowsingContextId,
MediaSessionAction aAction) override;
void NotifyMediaFullScreenState(uint64_t aBrowsingContextId,
bool aIsInFullScreen) override;
void UpdatePositionState(uint64_t aBrowsingContextId,
const PositionState& aState) override;
// Use these methods to register/unregister `ContentMediaControlKeyReceiver`
// in order to listen to media control key events.
virtual void AddReceiver(ContentMediaControlKeyReceiver* aReceiver) = 0;
virtual void RemoveReceiver(ContentMediaControlKeyReceiver* aReceiver) = 0;
* ContentMediaController exists in per inner window, which has a responsibility
* to update the content media state to MediaController (ContentMediaAgent) and
* delivers MediaControlKey to its receiver in order to control media in the
* content page (ContentMediaControlKeyReceiver).
class ContentMediaController final : public ContentMediaAgent,
public ContentMediaControlKeyReceiver {
NS_INLINE_DECL_REFCOUNTING(ContentMediaController, override)
explicit ContentMediaController(uint64_t aId);
// ContentMediaAgent methods
void AddReceiver(ContentMediaControlKeyReceiver* aListener) override;
void RemoveReceiver(ContentMediaControlKeyReceiver* aListener) override;
// ContentMediaControlKeyReceiver method
void HandleMediaKey(MediaControlKey aKey) override;
~ContentMediaController() = default;
// We don't need this method, so make it as private and simply return false.
virtual bool IsPlaying() const override { return false; }
void PauseOrStopMedia();
nsTArray<RefPtr<ContentMediaControlKeyReceiver>> mReceivers;
} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla