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AudioFocusManager.cpp 4793
AudioFocusManager.h AudioFocusManager is used to assign the audio focus to different requester and decide which requester can own audio focus when audio competing happens. When the audio competing happens, the last request would be a winner who can still own the audio focus, and all the other requesters would lose the audio focus. Now MediaController is the onlt requester, it would request the audio focus when it becomes audible and revoke the audio focus when the controller is no longer active. 1986
ContentMediaController.cpp static 14380
ContentMediaController.h ContentMediaControlKeyReceiver is an interface which is used to receive media control key sent from the chrome process. 4819
ContentPlaybackController.cpp 7094
ContentPlaybackController.h This interface is used to handle different playback control actions in the content process. Most of the methods are designed based on the MediaSessionAction values, which are defined in the media session spec [1]. The reason we need that is to explicitly separate the implementation from all different defined methods. If we want to add a new method in the future, we can do that without modifying other methods. If the active media session has a corresponding MediaSessionActionHandler, then we would invoke it, or we would do nothing. However, for certain actions, such as `play`, `pause` and `stop`, we have default action handling in order to control playback correctly even if the website doesn't use media session at all or the media session doesn't have correspending action handler [2]. [1] [2] 2658
FetchImageHelper.cpp Implementation for FetchImageHelper::ImageFetchListener 4745
FetchImageHelper.h FetchImageHelper is used to fetch image data from MediaImage, and the fetched image data would be used to show on the virtual control inferface. The URL of MediaImage is defined by websites by using MediaSession API [1]. By using `FetchImage()`, it would return a promise that would resolve with a `imgIContainer`, then we can get the image data from the container. [1] 2861
MediaControlIPC.h 2398
MediaControlKeyManager.cpp 8202
MediaControlKeyManager.h MediaControlKeyManager is a wrapper of MediaControlKeySource, which is used to manage creating and destroying a real media keys event source. It monitors the amount of the media controller in MediaService, and would create the event source when there is any existing controller and destroy it when there is no controller. 2343
MediaControlKeySource.cpp 3712
MediaControlKeySource.h MediaControlKeyListener is a pure interface, which is used to monitor MediaControlKey, we can add it onto the MediaControlKeySource, and then everytime when the media key events occur, `OnActionPerformed` will be called so that we can do related handling. 4546
MediaController.cpp 20637
MediaController.h IMediaController is an interface which includes control related methods and methods used to know its playback state. 7909
MediaControlService.cpp static 20441
MediaControlService.h MediaControlService is an interface to access controllers by providing controller Id. Everytime when controller becomes active, which means there is one or more media started in the corresponding browsing context, so now the controller is actually controlling something in the content process, so it would be added into the list of the MediaControlService. The controller would be removed from the list of the MediaControlService when it becomes inactive, which means no media is playing in the corresponding browsing context. Note that, a controller can't be added to or remove from the list twice. It should should have a responsibility to add and remove itself in the proper time. 7557
MediaControlUtils.cpp 739
MediaControlUtils.h 4835
MediaPlaybackStatus.cpp 7166
MediaPlaybackStatus.h This enum is used to update controlled media state to the media controller in the chrome process. `eStarted`: media has successfully registered to the content media controller `ePlayed` : media has started playing `ePaused` : media has paused playing, but still can be resumed by content media controller `eStopped`: media has unregistered from the content media controller, we can not control it anymore 5946
MediaStatusManager.cpp 19188
MediaStatusManager.h IMediaInfoUpdater is an interface which provides methods to update the media related information that happens in the content process. 12619 1118
PositionStateEvent.h THIS FILE IS AUTOGENERATED FROM PositionStateEvent.webidl BY - DO NOT EDIT 1753