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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
include GraphicsMessages;
include MemoryReportTypes;
include PrefsTypes;
include protocol PProfiler;
include protocol PRemoteDecoderManager;
include protocol PVideoBridge;
#if defined(MOZ_SANDBOX) && defined(MOZ_DEBUG) && defined(ENABLE_TESTS)
include protocol PSandboxTesting;
include "mozilla/ipc/ByteBufUtils.h";
using mozilla::dom::ContentParentId from "mozilla/dom/ipc/IdType.h";
using mozilla::dom::NativeThreadId from "mozilla/dom/NativeThreadId.h";
using mozilla::media::MediaCodecsSupported from "MediaCodecsSupport.h";
// Telemetry
using mozilla::Telemetry::HistogramAccumulation from "mozilla/TelemetryComms.h";
using mozilla::Telemetry::KeyedHistogramAccumulation from "mozilla/TelemetryComms.h";
using mozilla::Telemetry::ScalarAction from "mozilla/TelemetryComms.h";
using mozilla::Telemetry::KeyedScalarAction from "mozilla/TelemetryComms.h";
using mozilla::Telemetry::ChildEventData from "mozilla/TelemetryComms.h";
using mozilla::Telemetry::DiscardedData from "mozilla/TelemetryComms.h";
#if defined(XP_WIN)
[MoveOnly] using mozilla::UntrustedModulesData from "mozilla/UntrustedModulesData.h";
[MoveOnly] using mozilla::ModulePaths from "mozilla/UntrustedModulesData.h";
[MoveOnly] using mozilla::ModulesMapResult from "mozilla/UntrustedModulesData.h";
#endif // defined(XP_WIN)
namespace mozilla {
// This protocol allows the UI process to talk to the RDD
// (RemoteDataDecoder) process. There is one instance of this protocol,
// with the RDDParent living on the main thread of the RDD process and
// the RDDChild living on the main thread of the UI process.
[NeedsOtherPid, ParentProc=RDD, ChildProc=Parent]
protocol PRDD
async Init(GfxVarUpdate[] vars, FileDescriptor? sandboxBroker,
bool canRecordReleaseTelemetry,
bool aIsReadyForBackgroundProcessing);
async InitProfiler(Endpoint<PProfilerChild> endpoint);
async NewContentRemoteDecoderManager(
Endpoint<PRemoteDecoderManagerParent> endpoint, ContentParentId childId);
async RequestMemoryReport(uint32_t generation,
bool anonymize,
bool minimizeMemoryUsage,
FileDescriptor? DMDFile)
returns (uint32_t aGeneration);
async PreferenceUpdate(Pref pref);
async UpdateVar(GfxVarUpdate var);
async InitVideoBridge(Endpoint<PVideoBridgeChild> endpoint,
bool createHardwareDevice,
ContentDeviceData contentDeviceData);
#if defined(XP_WIN)
async GetUntrustedModulesData() returns (UntrustedModulesData? data);
* This method is used to notifty a child process to start
* processing module loading events in UntrustedModulesProcessor.
* This should be called when the parent process has gone idle.
async UnblockUntrustedModulesThread();
#endif // defined(XP_WIN)
#if defined(MOZ_SANDBOX) && defined(MOZ_DEBUG) && defined(ENABLE_TESTS)
async InitSandboxTesting(Endpoint<PSandboxTestingChild> aEndpoint);
// Tells the RDD process to flush any pending telemetry.
// Used in tests and ping assembly. Buffer contains bincoded Rust structs.
async FlushFOGData() returns (ByteBuf buf);
// Test-only method.
// Asks the RDD process to trigger test-only instrumentation.
// The unused returned value is to have a promise we can await.
async TestTriggerMetrics() returns (bool unused);
async TestTelemetryProbes();
async InitCrashReporter(NativeThreadId threadId);
async AddMemoryReport(MemoryReport aReport);
#if defined(XP_WIN)
async GetModulesTrust(ModulePaths aModPaths, bool aRunAtNormalPriority)
returns (ModulesMapResult? modMapResult);
#endif // defined(XP_WIN)
// Update the cached list of codec supported following a check in the
// RDD parent.
async UpdateMediaCodecsSupported(MediaCodecsSupported aSupported);
// Messages for sending telemetry to parent process.
async AccumulateChildHistograms(HistogramAccumulation[] accumulations);
async AccumulateChildKeyedHistograms(KeyedHistogramAccumulation[] accumulations);
async UpdateChildScalars(ScalarAction[] actions);
async UpdateChildKeyedScalars(KeyedScalarAction[] actions);
async RecordChildEvents(ChildEventData[] events);
async RecordDiscardedData(DiscardedData data);
// Sent from time-to-time to limit the amount of telemetry vulnerable to loss
// Buffer contains bincoded Rust structs.
async FOGData(ByteBuf buf);
} // namespace mozilla