Name Description Size
MediaIPCUtils.h 10706
MFMediaEngineChild.cpp invalid id, will be initialized later 8845
MFMediaEngineChild.h MFMediaEngineChild is a wrapper class for a MediaEngine in the content process. It communicates with MFMediaEngineParent in the remote process by using IPDL interfaces to send commands to the MediaEngine. 3767
MFMediaEngineParent.cpp static 4521
MFMediaEngineParent.h MFMediaEngineParent is a wrapper class for a MediaEngine in the RDD process. It's responsible to create the media engine and its related classes, such as a custom media source, media engine extension, media engine notify...e.t.c It communicates with MFMediaEngineChild in the content process to receive commands and direct them to the media engine. 2772
MFMediaEngineUtils.h 446 2028
PMediaDecoderParams.ipdlh 534
PMFMediaEngine.ipdl 1285
PRDD.ipdl This method is used to notifty a child process to start processing module loading events in UntrustedModulesProcessor. This should be called when the parent process has gone idle. 3890
PRemoteDecoder.ipdl 2521
PRemoteDecoderManager.ipdl 1612
RDDChild.cpp 5687
RDDChild.h 2360
RDDParent.cpp static 10325
RDDParent.h 2823
RDDProcessHost.cpp remoteType 9383
RDDProcessHost.h 5866
RDDProcessImpl.cpp 1749
RDDProcessImpl.h 1225
RDDProcessManager.cpp isLocked 13113
RDDProcessManager.h Test-only Method ** Trigger RDD-process test metric instrumentation. 4222
RemoteAudioDecoder.cpp 4660
RemoteAudioDecoder.h 2143
RemoteDecoderChild.cpp 11485
RemoteDecoderChild.h 3178
RemoteDecoderManagerChild.cpp static 31041
RemoteDecoderManagerChild.h 5609
RemoteDecoderManagerParent.cpp static 10534
RemoteDecoderManagerParent.h 3214
RemoteDecoderModule.cpp 3196
RemoteDecoderModule.h 1713
RemoteDecoderParent.cpp 7022
RemoteDecoderParent.h 2713
RemoteImageHolder.cpp 6042
RemoteImageHolder.h 2383
RemoteMediaData.cpp static 13361
RemoteMediaData.h The class will pack either an array of AlignedBuffer or MediaByteBuffer into a single Shmem objects. 14277
RemoteMediaDataDecoder.cpp 5654
RemoteMediaDataDecoder.h 2510
RemoteVideoDecoder.cpp static 10675
RemoteVideoDecoder.h 2916
ShmemRecycleAllocator.h 1828