Name Description Size
domstubs.idl 832 1036
nsIBrowser.idl Called by the child to inform the parent that links are dropped into content area. @param links a flat array of url, name, and type for each link @param triggeringPrincipal a principal that initiated loading of the dropped links 6023
nsIBrowserChild.idl Resolved after content has received a PBrowser::ChildToParentMatrix. 1562
nsIBrowserDOMWindow.idl The C++ source has access to the browser script source through nsIBrowserDOMWindow. It is intended to be attached to the chrome DOMWindow of a toplevel browser window (a XUL window). A DOMWindow that does not happen to be a browser chrome window will simply have no access to any such interface. 6831
nsIBrowserUsage.idl Returns the number of unique domains (eTLD+1) visited in the past 24 hours by the user. 495
nsIContentPermissionPrompt.idl Interface provides the request type and its access. 2904
nsIContentPrefService2.idl Called when a content pref is set to a different value. @param aGroup the group to which the pref belongs, or null if it's a global pref (applies to all sites) @param aName the name of the pref that was set @param aValue the new value of the pref @param aIsPrivate an optional flag determining whether the original context is private or not 17549
nsIContentProcess.idl Is this content process alive? 1458
nsIDOMChromeWindow.idl browserDOMWindow provides access to yet another layer of utility functions implemented by chrome script. It will be null for DOMWindows not corresponding to browsers. 828
nsIDOMGlobalPropertyInitializer.idl Initialize the global property. @param window the global object on which the property is being retrieved. @returns a JS Object to use use as the property's value. 696
nsIDOMWindow.idl Empty interface for compatibility with older versions. @deprecated Use WebIDL for script visible features, nsPIDOMWindow for C++ callers. 661
nsIDOMWindowUtils.idl nsIDOMWindowUtils is intended for infrequently-used methods related to the current nsIDOMWindow. Some of the methods may require elevated privileges; the method implementations should contain the necessary security checks. Access this interface by calling getInterface on a DOMWindow. WARNING: Do not use 'out jsval' parameters in this file. SpecialPowers, which is used to access nsIDOMWindowUtils in plain mochitests, does not know how to handle them. (Use 'jsval' return values instead.) 92519
nsIFocusManager.idl The focus manager deals with all focus related behaviour. Only one element in the entire application may have the focus at a time; this element receives any keyboard events. While there is only one application-wide focused element, each nsIDOMWindow maintains a reference to the element that would be focused if the window was active. If the window's reference is to a frame element (iframe, browser, editor), then the child window contains the element that is currently focused. If the window's reference is to a root element, then the root is focused. If a window's reference is null, then no element is focused, yet the window is still focused. The blur event is fired on an element when it loses the application focus. After this blur event, if the focus is moving away from a document, two additional blur events are fired on the old document and window containing the focus respectively. When a new document is focused, two focus events are fired on the new document and window respectively. Then the focus event is fired on an element when it gains the application focus. A special case is that the root element may be focused, yet does not receive the element focus and blur events. Instead a focus outline may be drawn around the document. Blur and focus events do not bubble as per the W3C DOM Events spec. 11476
nsIPermissionDelegateHandler.idl This file contains an interface to the Permission Delegate Handler, 1098
nsIQueryContentEventResult.idl The result of query content events. succeeded propery can be used always. Whether other properties can be used or not depends on the event. See nsIDOMWindowUtils.idl, which properites can be used was documented. 1254
nsIRemoteTab.idl When set to true, this tells the child to paint and upload layers to the compositor. When set to false, previous layers are cleared from the compositor, but only if preserveLayers is also set to false. 3411
nsIServiceWorkerManager.idl 13035
nsIStructuredCloneContainer.idl This interface acts as a container for an object serialized using the structured clone algorithm. You can copy an object into an nsIStructuredCloneContainer using initFromJSVal or initFromBase64. It's an error to initialize an nsIStructuredCloneContainer more than once. Once you've initialized the container, you can get a copy of the object it stores by calling deserializeToVariant. You can also get a base-64-encoded string containing a copy of the container's serialized data, using getDataAsBase64. 2178
nsITextInputProcessor.idl 33921
nsITextInputProcessorCallback.idl nsITextInputProcessorNotification stores the type of notification to IME and its detail. See each explanation of attribute for the detail. 10174