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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
* You can obtain one at */
include protocol PBackgroundIDBDatabaseFile;
include protocol PBackgroundIDBDatabaseRequest;
include protocol PBackgroundIDBFactory;
include protocol PBackgroundIDBTransaction;
include protocol PBackgroundIDBVersionChangeTransaction;
include protocol PBackgroundMutableFile;
include protocol PChildToParentStream; // FIXME: bug 792908
include protocol PFileDescriptorSet; // FIXME: bug 792908
include protocol PParentToChildStream; // FIXME: bug 792908
include protocol PRemoteLazyInputStream; // FIXME: bug 792908
include IPCBlob;
include InputStreamParams;
include PBackgroundIDBSharedTypes;
include "mozilla/dom/indexedDB/SerializationHelpers.h";
using struct mozilla::null_t
from "ipc/IPCMessageUtils.h";
using mozilla::dom::IDBTransaction::Mode
from "mozilla/dom/IDBTransaction.h";
namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {
namespace indexedDB {
struct CreateFileParams
nsString name;
nsString type;
union DatabaseRequestParams
sync protocol PBackgroundIDBDatabase
manager PBackgroundIDBFactory;
manages PBackgroundIDBDatabaseFile;
manages PBackgroundIDBDatabaseRequest;
manages PBackgroundIDBTransaction;
manages PBackgroundIDBVersionChangeTransaction;
manages PBackgroundMutableFile;
async DeleteMe();
async Blocked();
async Close();
async PBackgroundIDBDatabaseFile(IPCBlob blob);
async PBackgroundIDBDatabaseRequest(DatabaseRequestParams params);
async PBackgroundIDBTransaction(nsString[] objectStoreNames, Mode mode);
async __delete__();
async VersionChange(uint64_t oldVersion, uint64_t? newVersion);
async Invalidate();
async CloseAfterInvalidationComplete();
async PBackgroundIDBVersionChangeTransaction(uint64_t currentVersion,
uint64_t requestedVersion,
int64_t nextObjectStoreId,
int64_t nextIndexId);
async PBackgroundMutableFile(nsString name, nsString type);
} // namespace indexedDB
} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla