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<html xmlns="" class="reftest-wait">
function funn()
var q = document.getElementById("q");
var start1 = document.getElementById("start1");
var end1 = document.getElementById("end1");
var start2 = q; // div
var end2 = q.previousSibling; // text node
var r = document.createRange();
r.setStart(start1, 0);
r.setEnd(end1, 0);
// the offsets for start2 and end2 must be the same to trigger the assertion
var s = document.createRange();
s.setStart(start2, 0);
s.setEnd(end2, 0);
<body onload="setTimeout(funn, 30)">
<div id="start1"></div>
<div id="t">X<div id="q">Y</div></div>
<div id="end1"></div>