Name Description Size
e10s.js Registers a message `listener` that is called every time messages of specified `message` is emitted on the given message manager. @param {nsIMessageListenerManager} mm The Message Manager @param {String} message The message. It will be prefixed with the constant `MESSAGE_PREFIX` @param {Function} listener The listener function that processes the message. 3175
key.js Helper to check if the provided key matches one of the expected keys. Keys will be prefixed with DOM_VK_ and should match a key in KeyCodes. @param {String} key the key to check (can be a keyCode). @param {...String} keys list of possible keys allowed. @return {Boolean} true if the key matches one of the keys. 804
l10n.js 677
message.js Post a message to some window. @param win The window to post to. @param typeOrMessage Either a string or and an object representing the message to send. If this is a string, it will be expanded into an object with the string as the `type` field. If this is an object, it will be sent as is. 1403 445
notification.js Displays a notification either at the browser or toolbox level, depending on whether a toolbox is currently open for this tab. @param window The main browser chrome window. @param tab The browser tab. @param options Other options associated with opening. Currently includes: - `toolbox`: Whether initiated via toolbox button - `msg`: String to show in the notification - `priority`: Priority level for the notification, which affects the icon and overall appearance. 1951
orientation.js Helper that gets the screen orientation of the device displayed in the RDM viewport. This function take in both a device and viewport object and an optional rotated angle. If a rotated angle is passed, then we calculate what the orientation type of the device would be in relation to its current orientation. Otherwise, return the current orientation and angle. @param {Object} device The device whose content is displayed in the viewport. Used to determine the primary orientation. @param {Object} viewport The viewport displaying device content. Used to determine the current orientation type of the device while in RDM. @param {Number|null} angleToRotateTo Optional. The rotated angle specifies the degree to which the device WILL be turned to. If undefined, then only return the current orientation and angle of the device. @return {Object} the orientation of the device. 2861
ua.js 2902
window.js Returns the `nsIDOMWindow` toplevel window for any child/inner window 1239