Name Description Size
Census.js 2544
CensusHeader.js 1952
CensusTreeItem.js 5600
DominatorTree.js A throbber that represents a subtree in the dominator tree that is actively being incrementally loaded and fetched from the `HeapAnalysesWorker`. 7732
DominatorTreeHeader.js 1276
DominatorTreeItem.js 4907
Heap.js Get the app state's current state atom. @see the relevant state string constants in `../constants.js`. @param {models.view} view @param {snapshotModel} snapshot @param {diffingModel} diffing @param {individualsModel} individuals @return {snapshotState|diffingState|dominatorTreeState} 14575
Individuals.js The list of individuals in a census group. 2001
IndividualsHeader.js 1266
List.js Generic list component that takes another react component to represent the children nodes as `itemComponent`, and a list of items to render as that component with a click handler. 1242
ShortestPaths.js 5179
SnapshotListItem.js 3837
Toolbar.js 9435
TreeMap.js 1944 590
tree-map 6