Name Description Size
allocations.js 1161
census-display.js Clears out all cached census data in the snapshots and sets new display data for censuses. @param {censusDisplayModel} display 1198
diffing.js Toggle diffing mode on or off. 5786
filter.js 1199
front.js Update the memory front. 445
io.js 3078
label-display.js Change the display we use for labeling individual nodes and refresh the current data. 1318 498
refresh.js Refresh the main thread's data from the heap analyses worker, if needed. @param {HeapAnalysesWorker} heapWorker 1606
sizes.js 430
snapshot.js A series of actions are fired from this task to save, read and generate the initial census from a snapshot. @param {MemoryFront} @param {HeapAnalysesClient} @param {Object} 26421
task-cache.js The `TaskCache` allows for re-using active tasks when spawning a second task would simply duplicate work and is unnecessary. It maps from a task's unique key to the promise of its result. 2682
tree-map-display.js Sets the tree map display as the current display and refreshes the tree map census. 1268
view.js Change the currently selected view. @param {viewState} view 2006