Name Description Size
DebugTargetErrorPage.css 522
DebugTargetErrorPage.js This component is displayed when the about:devtools-toolbox fails to load properly due to wrong parameters or debug targets that don't exist. 1328
DebugTargetInfo.js This is header that should be displayed on top of the toolbox when using about:devtools-toolbox. 9790
MeatballMenu.js 7282
ToolboxController.js This component serves as a state controller for the toolbox React component. It's a thin layer for translating events and state of the outside world into the React update cycle. This solution was used to keep the amount of code changes to a minimimum while adapting the existing codebase to start using React. 6119
ToolboxTab.js 2793
ToolboxTabs.js Check if two array of ids are the same or not. 9566
ToolboxToolbar.js This is the overall component for the toolbox toolbar. It is designed to not know how the state is being managed, and attempts to be as pure as possible. The ToolboxController component controls the changing state, and passes in everything as props. 15648 485