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browser-menus.js This module inject dynamically menu items into browser UI. Menu definitions are fetched from: - devtools/client/menus for top level entires - devtools/client/definitions for tool-specifics entries 9614
browser-toolbox # Browser Toolbox 7
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descriptor-from-url.js Construct a Target Descriptor for a given URL with various query parameters: - host, port & ws: See the documentation for clientFromURL - type: "tab", "extension", "worker" or "process" {String} The type of target to connect to. If type == "tab": - id: {Number} the tab outerWindowID If type == "extension": - id: {String} the addonID of the webextension to debug. If type == "worker": - id: {String} the unique Worker id of the Worker to debug. If type == "process": - id: {Number} the process id to debug. Default to 0, which is the parent process. @param {URL} url The url to fetch query params from. @return A target descriptor 5575
devtools-browser.js This is the main module loaded in Firefox desktop that handles browser windows and coordinates devtools around each window. This module is loaded lazily by devtools-clhandler.js, once the first browser window is ready (i.e. fired browser-delayed-startup-finished event) 25318
devtools.js DevTools is a class that represents a set of developer tools, it holds a set of tools and keeps track of open toolboxes in the browser. 26705
enable-devtools-popup.js Helper dedicated to toggle a popup triggered by pressing F12 if DevTools have never been opened by the user. This popup should be anchored below the main hamburger menu of Firefox, which contains the Web Developer menu. This is part of the OFF12 experiment which tries to disable F12 by default to reduce accidental usage of DevTools and increase retention of non DevTools users. 1427
menu-item.js A partial implementation of the MenuItem API provided by electron: Missing features: - id String - Unique within a single menu. If defined then it can be used as a reference to this item by the position attribute. - role String - Define the action of the menu item; when specified the click property will be ignored - sublabel String - accelerator Accelerator - position String - This field allows fine-grained definition of the specific location within a given menu. Implemented features: @param Object options String accelerator Text that appears beside the menu label to indicate the shortcut key (accelerator key) to use to invoke the command. Unlike the Electron API, this is a label only and does not actually register a handler for the key. String accesskey [non-standard] A single character used as the shortcut key. This should be one of the characters that appears in the label. Function click Will be called with click(menuItem, browserWindow) when the menu item is clicked String type Can be normal, separator, submenu, checkbox or radio String label String image Boolean enabled If false, the menu item will be greyed out and unclickable. Boolean checked Should only be specified for checkbox or radio type menu items. Menu submenu Should be specified for submenu type menu items. If submenu is specified, the type: 'submenu' can be omitted. If the value is not a Menu then it will be automatically converted to one using Menu.buildFromTemplate. Boolean visible If false, the menu item will be entirely hidden. 2732
menu.js A partial implementation of the Menu API provided by electron: Extra features: - Emits an 'open' and 'close' event when the menu is opened/closed @param String id (non standard) Needed so tests can confirm the XUL implementation is working 6344 1464
options-panel.css 3804
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selection.js Selection is a singleton belonging to the Toolbox that manages the current selected NodeFront. In addition, it provides some helpers about the context of the selected node. API new Selection() destroy() nodeFront (readonly) setNodeFront(node, origin="unknown") Helpers: window document isRoot() isNode() isHTMLNode() Check the nature of the node: isElementNode() isAttributeNode() isTextNode() isCDATANode() isEntityRefNode() isEntityNode() isProcessingInstructionNode() isCommentNode() isDocumentNode() isDocumentTypeNode() isDocumentFragmentNode() isNotationNode() Events: "new-node-front" when the inner node changed "attribute-changed" when an attribute is changed "detached-front" when the node (or one of its parents) is removed from the document "reparented" when the node (or one of its parents) is moved under a different node 8068
source-map-url-service.js A simple service to track source actors and keep a mapping between original URLs and objects holding the source or style actor's ID (which is used as a cookie by the devtools-source-map service) and the source map URL. @param {object} commands The commands object with all interfaces defined from devtools/shared/commands/ @param {SourceMapService} sourceMapService The devtools-source-map functions 14498
store-provider.js 352
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tab-descriptor-factory.js Functions for creating (local) Tab Target Descriptors 3642
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toolbox-context-menu.js Lazily load strings for the edit menu. 2977
toolbox-host-manager.js Implement a wrapper on the chrome side to setup a Toolbox within Firefox UI. This component handles iframe creation within Firefox, in which we are loading the toolbox document. Then both the chrome and the toolbox document communicate via "message" events. Messages sent by the toolbox to the chrome: - switch-host: Order to display the toolbox in another host (side, bottom, window, or the previously used one) - raise-host: Focus the tools - set-host-title: When using the window host, update the window title Messages sent by the chrome to the toolbox: - switched-host: The `switch-host` command sent by the toolbox is done 8743
toolbox-hosts.js A host should always allow this much space for the page to be displayed. There is also a min-height on the browser, but we still don't want to set frame.height to be larger than that, since it can cause problems with resizing the toolbox and panel layout. 11268
toolbox-init.js eslint-env browser 6126
toolbox-options.html Toolbox option 8706
toolbox-options.js Represents the Options Panel in the Toolbox. 22310
toolbox-tabs-order-manager.js Manage the order of devtools tabs. 10412
toolbox-window.js eslint-disable no-unused-vars 581
toolbox-window.xhtml 803
toolbox.js 142313
toolbox.xhtml 2194