Name Description Size
FileOperations.cpp 3252
FileOperations.h 1212
JSONFormatter.cpp Hacky escaping logic with the goal of not upsetting the much more thorough rust JSON parsing library that actually understands UTF-8. Double-quote and (escaping) backslash are escaped, as is tab (\t), with newlines (\r\n and \n) normalized to escaped \n. Additionally, everything that's not printable ASCII is simply erased. The motivating file is media/openmax_il/il112/OMX_Other.h#93 which has a corrupted apostrophe as <92> in there. The better course of action would be a validating UTF-8 parse that discards corrupt/non-printable characters. Since this is motivated by a commenting proof-of-concept and builds are already slow, I'm punting on that. 3578
JSONFormatter.h 1491
MozsearchIndexer.cpp 54979
README This clang plugin code generates a JSON file for each compiler input 561
StringOperations.cpp 1084
StringOperations.h 812