Name Description Size
aboutFrameCrashed.css 409
aboutNetError.css Pressing the retry button will cause the cursor to flicker from a pointer to not-allowed. Override the disabled cursor behaviour since we will never show the button disabled as the initial state. 5510
aboutRestartRequired.css 418
aboutSessionRestore.css Override button background-color and color from common.css 2223
aboutTabCrashed.css 729
aboutWelcomeBack.css tablist starts out hidden, but JS may make it visible in response to clicks on the radio buttons by setting an "available" attribute. 1497
addon-notification.css 1238
addons 6
app-marketplace-icons 76
autocomplete.css General popup rules 6487
blockedSite.css 1708
browser-custom-colors.css 2801
browser-shared.css (32px - 2px border - 2px padding - 16px icon) / 2 24613
contextmenu.css 1473
controlcenter 8
ctrlTab.css Ctrl-Tab 1985
customizableui 8
downloads 10
drm-icon.svg 1401
e10s-64@2x.png 3785
error-pages.css info-pages.css sets a minimum width of 13em to the content container. If we don't set a min-width here, the content gets clipped in iframes with small width. We don't accomodate any padding to prioritize real estate in the small viewport. 1843
fullscreen 1
fxa 11
icons 60
identity-block 6
incontent-icons 2 24285
light-dark-overrides.css The window background is white due to no accentcolor in the lightweight theme. It can't be changed to transparent when there is no compositor (Win 7 in classic / basic theme), or else dragging and focus become broken. So instead just show the normal titlebar in that case, and override the window color as transparent when the compositor is available. 3806
menupanel.css Menu panel and palette styles 816
notification-icons 21
notification-icons.css border 10484
offlineSupportPages.css 467
panic-panel 4
places 7
preferences 22
privatebrowsing 2
profiler-popup-backdrop.png 8455
protections 4
search 3
searchbar.css Make the contrast stronger in dark mode 4673
setDesktopBackground.css 693
sidebar.css To ensure the button doesn't expand unnecessarily for short labels, the spacer should significantly out-flex the button. 3425
spotlight.css Whether this is actually still required is not totally clear, but better to be safe than sorry: For some reason SubDialog browser sizing can result in scrollbars, so just hide the horizontal scrollbar that would have then required vertical scrollbar. This should be okay as we wrap content for this fixed width dialog unless the window is actually narrow and really does need horizontal scrollbars. 1914
swipe-gesture-icons 1
syncedtabs 1
tabbrowser 17
tabs.css Value for --in-content-page-background in in-content/ 24440
toolbar-drag-indicator.svg 635
toolbarbutton-icons.css Pick up the panel- and toolbar-specific --toolbarbutton-icon-fill-attention values from above. 14693
toolbarbuttons.css This default value of --toolbarbutton-height is defined to prevent CSS errors for an invalid variable. The value should not get used, as a more specific value should be set when the value will be used. 12065
translation 5
UITour.css UI Tour 3474
update-badge.svg 563
upgradeDialog 7
urlbar-dynamic-results.css UrlbarProviderTabToSearch 7678
urlbar-searchbar.css System colors and widgets are set based on toolbar color. Since toolbar fields can be styled differently from the toolbar, we need to use the correct color scheme in toolbar fields. 21983
urlbarView.css Fallback colours for when theme authors don't define lwtheme variables. 31720
webRTC-indicator.css On macOS, for windows with small enough dimensions, we seem to get vertical scrollbars on the body, even when the contents initially fit the window. We sidestep this by making sure we never display scrollbars. 10705
webRTC-legacy-indicator.css When screen sharing, need to pull in the separator: 2957
webRTC-menubar-indicator.css don't inherit into menu items 886