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addons 6
BuiltInThemeConfig.jsm A Map of themes built in to the browser. Params for the objects contained within the map: @param {string} id The unique identifier for the theme. The map's key. @param {string} version The theme add-on's semantic version, as defined in its manifest. @param {string} path Path to the add-on files. @param {string} [expiry] Date in YYYY-MM-DD format. Optional. If defined, the theme can no longer be used after this date, unless the user has permission to retain it. 5568
BuiltInThemes.jsm The list of themes to be installed. This is exposed on the class so tests can set custom config files. 5829
linux 18 1076
osx 17
shared 59
test 1
ThemeVariableMap.jsm 4134
windows 20
Windows8WindowFrameColor.jsm 2047