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Application Search Engines
Firefox defines various application search engines that are shipped to users.
The extensions for the definitions of these engines live in
:searchfox:`browser/components/search/extensions <browser/components/search/extensions>`
Icon Requirements
It is preferred that each engine is shipped with a ``.ico`` file with two sizes
of image contained within the file:
* 16 x 16 pixels
* 32 x 32 pixels
Some engines also have icons in
:searchfox:`browser/components/newtab/data/content/tippytop <browser/components/newtab/data/content/tippytop>`.
For these engines, there are two sizes depending on the subdirectory:
* ``favicons/``: 32 x 32 pixels
* ``images/``: preferred minimum of 192 x 192 pixels
Updating Icons
To update icons for application search engines:
* Place the new icon file in the :searchfox:`folder associated with the search engine <browser/components/search/extensions>`.
* Increase the version number in the associated manifest file. This ensures
that the add-on manager properly updates the engine.
* Be aware that the :searchfox:` file <browser/installer/>`
lists some icons that are intended as duplicates.
To update icons for tippytop:
* Place the new icon file in :searchfox:`both the sub-folders within the tippytop directory <browser/components/newtab/data/content/tippytop>`.