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BrowserSearchTelemetry.jsm This class handles saving search telemetry related to the url bar, search bar and other areas as per the sources above. 9221
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SearchOneOffs.jsm Defines the search one-off button elements. These are displayed at the bottom of the address bar and search bar. The address bar buttons are a subclass in browser/components/urlbar/UrlbarSearchOneOffs.jsm. If you are adding a new subclass, see "Methods for subclasses to override" below. 36413
SearchSERPTelemetry.jsm TelemetryHandler is the main class handling Search Engine Result Page (SERP) telemetry. It primarily deals with tracking of what pages are loaded into tabs. It handles the *in-content:sap* keys of the SEARCH_COUNTS histogram. 25380
SearchUIUtils.jsm Various utilities for search related UI. 2384
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