Name Description Size
autocomplete-popup.js A richlistbox popup custom element for for a browser search autocomplete widget. 8948
contentSearchHandoffUI.js 4281
contentSearchUI.css 3353
contentSearchUI.js Creates a new object that manages search suggestions and their UI for a text box. The UI consists of an html:table that's inserted into the DOM after the given text box and styled so that it appears as a dropdown below the text box. @param {DOMElement} inputElement Search suggestions will be based on the text in this text box. Assumed to be an html:input. @param {DOMElement} tableParent The suggestion table is appended as a child to this element. Since the table is absolutely positioned and its top and left values are set to be relative to the top and left of the page, either the parent and all its ancestors should not be positioned elements (i.e., their positions should be "static"), or the parent's position should be the top left of the page. @param {string} healthReportKey This will be sent with the search data for BrowserUsageTelemetry to record the search. @param {string} searchPurpose Sent with search data, see nsISearchEngine.getSubmission. @param {sring} idPrefix The IDs of elements created by the object will be prefixed with this string. 34022
searchbar.js globals XULCommandEvent 30223