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ScreenshotsOverlayChild.sys.mjs The Screenshots overlay is inserted into the document's canvasFrame anonymous content container (see dom/webidl/Document.webidl). This container gets cleared automatically when the document navigates. Since the overlay markup is inserted in the canvasFrame using insertAnonymousContent, this means that it can be modified using the API described in AnonymousContent.webidl. Any mutation of this content must be via the AnonymousContent API. This is similar in design to [devtools' highlighters](, though as Screenshots doesnt need to work on XUL documents, or allow multiple kinds of highlight/overlay our case is a little simpler. To retrieve the AnonymousContent instance, use the `content` getter. 55184
ScreenshotsUtils.sys.mjs Notify screenshots when screenshot command is used. @param window The current window the screenshot command was used. @param type The type of screenshot taken. Used for telemetry. 17064