Name Description Size
fileHelpers.mjs Gets the filename automatically or by a file picker depending on "" @param filenameTitle The title of the current page @param browser The current browser @returns Path of the chosen filename 8514 1724 584
overlayHelpers.mjs Gets the rect for an element if getBoundingClientRect exists @param ele The element to get the rect from @returns The bounding client rect of the element or null 12261
screenshots-buttons.css position about 4px above the container ensuring overlap with toolbar/chrome 1015
screenshots-buttons.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 2349
ScreenshotsHelperChild.sys.mjs This class is used to get the dimensions of hovered elements within iframes. The main content process cannot get the dimensions of elements within iframes so a message will be send to this actor to get the dimensions of the element for a given point inside the iframe. 1509
ScreenshotsOverlayChild.sys.mjs The Screenshots overlay is inserted into the document's anonymous content container (see dom/webidl/Document.webidl). This container gets cleared automatically when the document navigates. To retrieve the AnonymousContent instance, use the `content` getter. 48710
ScreenshotsUtils.sys.mjs Figures out which of various states the screenshots UI is in, for the given browser. @param browser The selected browser @returns One of the `UIPhases` constants 30425