Name Description Size
fileHelpers.mjs macOS and Linux have a max filename of 255. Windows allows 259 as the total path length so we have to calculate the max filename length if the download directory exists. Otherwise we just return a fallback filename length. @param {string} downloadDir The current download directory or null @returns {number} The max filename length 10885 1725 584
overlayHelpers.mjs Gets the rect for an element if getBoundingClientRect exists @param ele The element to get the rect from @returns The bounding client rect of the element or null 13264
screenshots-buttons.css position about 4px above the container ensuring overlap with toolbar/chrome 1097
screenshots-buttons.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 3133
screenshots-preview.css 642
screenshots-preview.html 772
screenshots-preview.mjs If the image is complete and the height is greater than 0, we can resolve. Otherwise wait for a load event on the image and resolve then. @returns {Promise<String>} Resolves that resolves to the preview image src once the image is loaded. 7697
ScreenshotsHelperChild.sys.mjs This class is used to get the dimensions of hovered elements within iframes. The main content process cannot get the dimensions of elements within iframes so a message will be send to this actor to get the dimensions of the element for a given point inside the iframe. 1509
ScreenshotsOverlayChild.sys.mjs The Screenshots overlay is inserted into the document's anonymous content container (see dom/webidl/Document.webidl). This container gets cleared automatically when the document navigates. To retrieve the AnonymousContent instance, use the `content` getter. 58877
ScreenshotsUtils.sys.mjs 40312