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# This file compiles to package.json scripts.
# When you add or modify anything, you *MUST* run:
# npm run yamscripts
# to compile your changes.
# Run the activity-stream mochitests
mochitest: (cd $npm_package_config_mc_dir && ./mach mochitest browser/components/newtab/test/browser --headless)
# Run the activity-stream mochitests with the browser toolbox debugger.
# Often handy in combination with adding a "debugger" statement in your
# mochitest somewhere.
mochitest-debug: (cd $npm_package_config_mc_dir && ./mach mochitest --jsdebugger browser/components/newtab/test/browser)
# bundle: Build all assets for activity stream
webpack: webpack --config webpack.system-addon.config.js
css: node-sass content-src/styles -o css && node-sass content-src/aboutwelcome -o aboutwelcome/content
welcomeBundle: webpack --config webpack.aboutwelcome.config.js
html: rimraf prerendered && node ./bin/render-activity-stream-html.js
# buildmc: Used to do stuff when this code was in GitHub, now just an
# alias in case it's baked into anyone's brain.
bundle: => bundle
# watchmc: Automatically rebuild when files are changed. NOTE: Includes sourcemaps, do not use for profiling/perf testing.
_parallel: true
webpack: =>bundle:webpack -- --env.development -w
welcomeBundle: =>bundle:welcomeBundle -- --env.development -w
css: =>bundle:css && =>bundle:css -- --source-map-embed --source-map-contents -w
lint: =>lint
build: =>bundle:webpack
unit: karma start
tddmc: karma start --tdd
debugcoverage: open logs/coverage/index.html
# lint: Run various linters with mach or local dev dependencies
codespell: (cd $npm_package_config_mc_root && ./mach lint -l codespell $npm_package_config_newtab_path)
eslint: (cd $npm_package_config_mc_root && ./mach lint -l eslint $npm_package_config_newtab_path)
l10n: (cd $npm_package_config_mc_root && ./mach lint -l l10n --warnings browser/locales/en-US/browser/newtab)
license: (cd $npm_package_config_mc_root && ./mach lint -l license $npm_package_config_newtab_path)
sasslint: sass-lint -v -q
# test: Run all tests once
test: =>testmc
# tdd: Run content tests continuously
tdd: =>tddmc
# Utility scripts for use when vendoring in Node packages
vendor: node ./bin/vendor.js
# Note that since we're currently running eslint-plugin-prettier,
# running fix:eslint will also reformat changed JS files using prettier.
eslint: =>lint:eslint -- --fix