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AboutNewTabService.sys.mjs The nsIAboutNewTabService is accessed by the AboutRedirector anytime about:home, about:newtab or about:welcome are requested. The primary job of an nsIAboutNewTabService is to tell the AboutRedirector what resources to actually load for those requests. The nsIAboutNewTabService is not involved when the user has overridden the default about:home or about:newtab pages. There are two implementations of this service - one for the parent process, and one for content processes. Each one has some secondary responsibilties that are process-specific. The need for two implementations is an unfortunate consequence of how document loading and process redirection for about: pages currently works in Gecko. The commonalities between the two implementations has been put into an abstract base class. 16475
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docs 2387 /*.js", // The base directory of all source files (used for path resolution in webpack importing) moduleResolveDirectory: __dirname, // a RegEx matching all Cu.import statements of local files resourcePathRegEx: /^resource:\/\/activity-stream\//, coverageReportingPath: "logs/coverage/", }; // When tweaking here, be sure to review the docs about the execution ordering // semantics of the preprocessors array, as they are somewhat odd. const preprocessors = {}; preprocessors[PATHS.testFilesPattern] = [ "webpack", // require("karma-webpack") "sourcemap", // require("karma-sourcemap-loader") ]; module.exports = function (config) { const isTDD = config.tdd; const browsers = isTDD ? ["Firefox"] : ["FirefoxHeadless"]; // require("karma-firefox-launcher") config.set({ singleRun: !isTDD, browsers, customLaunchers: { FirefoxHeadless: { base: "Firefox", flags: ["--headless"], }, }, frameworks: [ "chai", // require("chai") require("karma-chai") "mocha", // require("mocha") require("karma-mocha") "sinon", // require("sinon") require("karma-sinon") ], reporters: [ "coverage-istanbul", // require("karma-coverage") "mocha", // require("karma-mocha-reporter") // for bin/try-runner.js to parse the output easily "json", // require("karma-json-reporter") ], jsonReporter: { // So this doesn't get interleaved with other karma output stdout: false, outputFile: path.join("logs", "karma-run-results.json"), }, coverageIstanbulReporter: { reports: ["lcov", "text-summary"], // for some reason "lcov" reallys means "lcov" and "html" "report-config": { // so the full m-c path gets printed; needed for integration lcov: { projectRoot: "../../..", }, }, dir: PATHS.coverageReportingPath, // This will make karma fail if coverage reporting is less than the minimums here thresholds: !isTDD && { each: { statements: 100, lines: 100, functions: 100, branches: 66, overrides: { "lib/AboutPreferences.sys.mjs": { statements: 98, lines: 98, functions: 94, branches: 66, }, /** TelemetryFeed.sys.mjs is tested via an xpcshell test 9830
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nsIAboutNewTabService.idl Allows to override about:newtab to point to a different location than the one specified within AboutRedirector.cpp 1261
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