Name Description Size
aboutwelcome-utils.js 3453
constants.js 674
detect-user-session-start.js sendEventOrAddListener - Notify immediately if the page is already visible, or else set up a listener for when visibility changes. This is needed for accurate session tracking for telemetry, because tabs are pre-loaded. 2726
init-store.js eslint-env mozilla/remote-page 5934
link-menu-options.js List of functions that return items that can be included as menu options in a LinkMenu. All functions take the site as the first parameter, and optionally the index of the site. 8559
perf-service.js Calls the underlying mark() method on the appropriate Window.performance object to add a mark with the given name to the appropriate performance timeline. @param {String} name the name to give the current mark @return {void} 3416
screenshot-utils.js List of helper functions for screenshot-based images. There are two kinds of images: 1. Remote Image: This is the image from the main process and it refers to the image in the React props. This can either be an object with the `data` and `path` properties, if it is a blob, or a string, if it is a normal image. 2. Local Image: This is the image object in the content process and it refers to the image *object* in the React component's state. All local image objects have the `url` property, and an additional property `path`, if they are blobs. 2174
selectLayoutRender.js This function fills spoc positions on a per placement basis with available spocs. It does this by looping through each position for a placement and replacing a rec with a spoc. If it runs out of spocs or positions, it stops. If it sees the same placement again, it remembers the previous spoc index, and continues. If it sees a blocked spoc, it skips that position leaving in a regular story. 7247