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aboutWelcomeBack.xhtml 3870
migration-dialog-window.html 1162
migration-dialog-window.js This file manages a MigrationWizard embedded in a dialog that runs in a top-level dialog window. It's main responsibility is to listen for dialog-specific events from the embedded MigrationWizard and to respond appropriately to them. A single object argument is expected to be passed when opening this dialog. @param {object} window.arguments.0 @param {Function} window.arguments.0.onResize A callback to resize the container of this document when the MigrationWizard resizes. @param {object} window.arguments.0.options A series of options for configuring the dialog. See MigrationUtils.showMigrationWizard for a description of this object. 2403
migration-wizard-constants.mjs A mapping of a page identification string to the IDs used by the various wizard pages. These are used by MigrationWizard.setState to set the current page. @type {Object<string, string>} 2648
migration-wizard.mjs This component contains the UI that steps users through migrating their data from other browsers to this one. This component only contains very basic logic and structure for the UI, and most of the state management occurs in the MigrationWizardChild JSWindowActor. 40911
migration.js Map from data types that match Ci.nsIBrowserProfileMigrator's types to prefixes for strings used to label these data types in the migration dialog. We use these strings with -checkbox and -label suffixes for the checkboxes on the "importItems" page, and for the labels on the "migrating" and "done" pages, respectively. 26685
migration.xhtml 5610