Name Description Size
.eslintrc.js 1105
360seMigrationUtils.sys.mjs 5456
ChromeMacOSLoginCrypto.sys.mjs Class to handle encryption and decryption of logins stored in Chrome/Chromium on macOS. 5883
ChromeMigrationUtils.sys.mjs Get all extensions installed in a specific profile. @param {string} profileId - A Chrome user profile ID. For example, "Profile 1". @returns {Array} All installed Chrome extensions information. 16454
ChromeProfileMigrator.sys.mjs Converts an array of chrome bookmark objects into one our own places code understands. @param {object[]} items Chrome Bookmark items to be inserted on this parent @param {set} bookmarkURLAccumulator Accumulate all imported bookmark urls to be used for importing favicons @param {Function} errorAccumulator function that gets called with any errors thrown so we don't drop them on the floor. @returns {object[]} 24718
ChromeWindowsLoginCrypto.sys.mjs Class to handle encryption and decryption of logins stored in Chrome/Chromium on Windows. 5935
components.conf 1282
EdgeProfileMigrator.sys.mjs Get rows from a table in the Edge DB as an array of JS objects. @param {string} tableName the name of the table to read. @param {string[]|Function} columns a list of column specifiers (see ESEDBReader.jsm) or a function that generates them based on the database reference once opened. @param {nsIFile} dbFile the database file to use. Defaults to the main Edge database. @param {Function} filterFn Optional. A function that is called for each row. Only rows for which it returns a truthy value are included in the result. @returns {Array} An array of row objects. 16519
ESEDBReader.sys.mjs True, False, or NULL 21573
FirefoxProfileMigrator.sys.mjs -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 12153
IEProfileMigrator.sys.mjs Migrate the logins that were saved for the uris arguments. @param {nsIURI[]} uris - the uris that are going to be migrated. 13687
InternalTestingProfileMigrator.sys.mjs A stub of a migrator used for automated testing only. 1345 1960
MigrationUtils.sys.mjs The singleton MigrationUtils service. This service is the primary mechanism by which migrations from other browsers to this browser occur. The singleton instance of this class is exported from this module as `MigrationUtils`. 33506
MigrationWizardChild.sys.mjs This class is responsible for updating the state of a <migration-wizard> component, and for listening for events from that component to perform various migration functions. 3293
MigrationWizardParent.sys.mjs This class is responsible for communicating with MigrationUtils to do the actual heavy-lifting of any kinds of migration work, based on messages from the associated MigrationWizardChild. 11091
MigratorBase.sys.mjs @typedef {object} MigratorResource A resource returned by a subclass of MigratorBase that can migrate data to this browser. @property {number} type A bitfield with bits from MigrationUtils.resourceTypes flipped to indicate what this resource represents. A resource can represent one or more types of data, for example HISTORY and FORMDATA. @property {Function} migrate A function that will actually perform the migration of this resource's data into this browser. 18037 2090
MSMigrationUtils.sys.mjs Must be invoked once after last use of any of the provided helpers. 24348
nsEdgeMigrationUtils.cpp 1797
nsEdgeMigrationUtils.h 564
nsIEdgeMigrationUtils.idl Utilities for migrating from legacy (non-Chromimum-based) Edge. 788
nsIEHistoryEnumerator.cpp 3352
nsIEHistoryEnumerator.h Initializes the history reader, if needed. 932
nsIKeychainMigrationUtils.idl 509
nsKeychainMigrationUtils.h 596 2511
nsWindowsMigrationUtils.h 946
ProfileMigrator.sys.mjs 649
SafariProfileMigrator.sys.mjs Start the migration of a Safari collection of bookmarks by retrieving favicon data. @param {object[]} aEntries The collection's children @param {number} aCollection One of the _COLLECTION values above. 20121