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Archive.worker.mjs eslint-disable mozilla/reject-import-system-module-from-non-system 12542
ArchiveEncryptionState.sys.mjs ArchiveEncryptionState encapsulates key primitives and wrapped secrets that can be safely serialized to the filesystem. An ArchiveEncryptionState is used to compute the necessary keys for encrypting a backup archive. 12868
ArchiveUtils.sys.mjs Convert an array containing only two bytes unsigned numbers to a base64 encoded string. @param {number[]} anArray The array that needs to be converted. @returns {string} The string representation of the array. 2693
BackupResources.sys.mjs Classes exported here are registered as a resource that can be backed up and restored in the BackupService. They must extend the BackupResource base class. 1461
BackupService.sys.mjs To avoid disk access upon startup, do not set DEFAULT_PARENT_DIR_PATH as a fallback value here. Let registered widgets prompt BackupService to update the parentDirPath. @see BackupService.state @see DEFAULT_PARENT_DIR_PATH @see setParentDirPath 62319
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metrics.yaml 9741 1384