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browser.ini 276
browser_closeTabSpecificPanels.js This test creates multiple panels, one that has been tagged as specific to its tab's content and one that isn't. When a tab loses focus, panel specific to that tab should close. The non-specific panel should remain open. 1732
browser_multiplePrompts.js This test triggers multiple alerts on one single tab, because it"s possible for web content to do so. The behavior is described in bug 1266353. We assert the presentation of the multiple alerts, ensuring we show only the oldest one. 2792
browser_openPromptInBackgroundTab.js This test opens a tab that alerts when it is hidden. We then switch away from the tab, and check that by default the tab is not automatically re-selected. We also check that a checkbox appears in the alert that allows the user to enable this automatically re-selecting. We then check that checking the checkbox does actually enable that behaviour. 4384
openPromptOffTimeout.html 206
.eslintrc.js 81