Name Description Size
aboutDialog-appUpdater.js import-globals-from aboutDialog.js 9081
aboutDialog.css Set an explicit line-height to avoid discrepancies in 'auto' spacing across screens with different device DPI, which may cause font metrics to round differently. 2580
aboutDialog.js import-globals-from aboutDialog-appUpdater.js 3567
aboutDialog.xhtml 8507
aboutFrameCrashed.html 974
aboutRestartRequired.js eslint-env mozilla/remote-page 1337
aboutRestartRequired.xhtml 1974
aboutRobots-icon.png 0
aboutRobots.css 291
aboutRobots.js 511
aboutRobots.xhtml 2156
aboutTabCrashed.css 508
aboutTabCrashed.js eslint-env mozilla/remote-page 7358
aboutTabCrashed.xhtml 3388 33473
blanktab.html 451
blockedSite.js Check whether this warning page is overridable or not, in which case the "ignore the risk" suggestion in the error description should not be shown. 4927
blockedSite.xhtml 2767
browser-a11yUtils.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 3437
browser-addons.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 60873 2111
browser-allTabsMenu.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 5601 1411
browser-captivePortal.js If a portal is detected when we don't have focus, we first wait for focus and then add the tab if, after a recheck, the portal is still active. This is set to true while we wait so that in the unlikely event that we receive another notification while waiting, we don't do things twice. 11945 23614
browser-ctrlTab.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 23917
browser-customization.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 4787
browser-data-submission-info-bar.js Represents an info bar that shows a data submission notification. 3428
browser-development-helpers.js Extra features for local development. This file isn't loaded in non-local builds. 1603
browser-fullScreenAndPointerLock.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 30777
browser-fullZoom.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 24416
browser-gestureSupport.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 30125
browser-graphics-utils.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 1752 27502
browser-pageActions.js The main page action button in the urlbar (DOM node) 30919
browser-pagestyle.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 4350
browser-places.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 72316
browser-safebrowsing.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 2710 22031
browser-sidebar.js SidebarUI controls showing and hiding the browser sidebar. 20416
browser-siteIdentity.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 42959
browser-sitePermissionPanel.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 34102
browser-siteProtections.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 87813
browser-sync.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 63042
browser-tabsintitlebar.js 2508
browser-thumbnails.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 6562
browser-toolbarKeyNav.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 13997
browser-unified-extensions.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 6268
browser-webrtc.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 3933
browser.css z-indices that fight on the browser stack 47293
browser.js 311084
browser.xhtml 8780
contentTheme.js ContentThemeController handles theme updates sent by the frame script. To be able to use ContentThemeController, you must add your page to the whitelist in LightweightThemeChildListener.jsm 6622
default-bookmarks.html 11044
docs 1289 1367
hiddenWindowMac.xhtml 1320
logos 1690 31195
metrics.yaml 436 5185 38347
nonbrowser-mac.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 4790
nsContextMenu.js 80632
pageinfo 12826
robot.ico 0
safeMode.css 251
safeMode.js -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 2460
safeMode.xhtml 1476
sanitize.xhtml 4261
sanitizeDialog.css Sanitize everything warnings 1786
sanitizeDialog.js -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 9171
spotlight.html 1279
spotlight.js Render content based on about:welcome multistage template. 3121
static-robot.png 0 2607
tabbrowser-tab.js Describes how the tab ended up in this mute state. May be any of: - undefined: The tabs mute state has never changed. - null: The mute state was last changed through the UI. - Any string: The ID was changed through an extension API. The string must be the ID of the extension which changed it. 21309
tabbrowser-tabs.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 72195
tabbrowser.css override 'normal' in case of fallback math fonts with huge metrics 3425
tabbrowser.js A set of known icons to use for internal pages. These are hardcoded so we can start loading them faster than ContentLinkHandler would normally find them. 252288
test 1152 1928
utilityOverlay.js Determines whether the given url is considered a special URL for new tabs. 18320
webext-panels.js -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 4 -*- 5286
webext-panels.xhtml 2784
webrtcIndicator.js Public function called by webrtcUI to update the indicator display when the active streams change. 18991
webrtcIndicator.xhtml 2672
webrtcLegacyIndicator.js 6819
webrtcLegacyIndicator.xhtml 1355