Name Description Size
browser.ini 1178
browser_displayURI.js Make sure that the correct origin is shown for permission prompts. 4778
browser_popupNotification.js 12350
browser_popupNotification_2.js 9588
browser_popupNotification_3.js eslint-disable mozilla/no-arbitrary-setTimeout 11213
browser_popupNotification_4.js 8636
browser_popupNotification_5.js 16332
browser_popupNotification_accesskey.js 1322
browser_popupNotification_checkbox.js 8141
browser_popupNotification_keyboard.js 8998
browser_popupNotification_learnmore.js 1829
browser_popupNotification_no_anchors.js 8981
browser_popupNotification_selection_required.js 1867
browser_reshow_in_background.js Tests that when PopupNotifications for background tabs are reshown, they don't show up in the foreground tab, but only in the background tab that they belong to. 2089
head.js Called after opening a new window or switching windows, this will wait until we are sure that an attempt to display a notification will not fail. 10761
.eslintrc.js 81