Name Description Size
BlocklistTestProxy.jsm A lightweight blocklist proxy for testing purposes. 2115
browser.ini 622
browser_CTP_favorfallback.js The expected behavior of each testcase is documented with its markup in plugin_favorfallback.html. - "name" is the name of the testcase in the test file. - "rule" is how the plugins.favorfallback.rules must be configured for this testcase. 2687
browser_CTP_outsideScrollArea.js 3750
browser_CTP_zoom.js 1777
browser_bug797677.js 1217
browser_enable_DRM_prompt.js Register cleanup function to reset prefs after other tasks have run. 7227
browser_globalplugin_crashinfobar.js Test that the notification bar for crashed GMPs works. 1790
browser_private_browsing_eme_persistent_state.js This test ensures that navigator.requestMediaKeySystemAccess() requests to run EME with persistent state are rejected in private browsing windows. Bug 1334111. 1707
empty_file.html 139
head.js global gTestBrowser:true 13451
plugin_bug797677.html 121
plugin_favorfallback.html 3542
plugin_outsideScrollArea.html 320
plugin_simple_blank.swf 37
plugin_test.html 167
plugin_zoom.html 234
.eslintrc.js 81