Name Description Size
blockNoPlugins-plugins.json 2
blockPluginHard-plugins.json 169
blockPluginInfoURL-plugins.json 208
blockPluginVulnerableNoUpdate-plugins.json 205
blockPluginVulnerableUpdatable-plugins.json 205
blocklist_proxy.js A lightweight blocklist proxy for the testing purposes. 1958
browser.ini 2834
browser_CTP_context_menu.js 3087
browser_CTP_crashreporting.js Takes an nsIPropertyBag and converts it into a JavaScript Object. It will also convert any nsIPropertyBag's within the nsIPropertyBag recursively. @param aBag The nsIPropertyBag to convert. @return Object Keyed on the names of the nsIProperty's within the nsIPropertyBag, and mapping to their values. 8607
browser_CTP_drag_drop.js 4539
browser_CTP_favorfallback.js The expected behavior of each testcase is documented with its markup in plugin_favorfallback.html. - "name" is the name of the testcase in the test file. - "rule" is how the plugins.favorfallback.rules must be configured for this testcase. 2844
browser_CTP_hide_overlay.js 4255
browser_CTP_iframe.js 1959
browser_CTP_nonplugins.js 2565
browser_CTP_outsideScrollArea.js 4333
browser_CTP_overlay_styles.js This test ensures that the click-to-play "Activate Plugin" overlay is shown in the right style (which is dependent on its size). 2681
browser_CTP_resize.js 4800
browser_CTP_shouldShowOverlay.js This test ensures that the click-to-play "Activate Plugin" overlay is shown when expected. All testcases are in the plugin_shouldShowOverlay.html file. Note: Technically, the overlay is *always* shown. When this test was originally written, the meaning of "shown" was "shown with the contents", as opposed to "shown as blank". The behavior hasn't changed, but the naming has: now, a "shown as blank" overlay no longer receives a ".hidden" class. It receives a sizing="blank" attribute. 2494
browser_CTP_zoom.js 2236
browser_blocking.js 13444
browser_blocklist_content.js 4342
browser_bug743421.js 4434
browser_bug744745.js 1453
browser_bug787619.js 2575
browser_bug797677.js 1449
browser_bug812562.js 3488
browser_bug818118.js 1544
browser_clearplugindata.html Plugin Clear Site Data sanitize test 726
browser_clearplugindata.js 3672
browser_clearplugindata_noage.html Plugin Clear Site Data sanitize test without age 738
browser_enable_DRM_prompt.js Bug 1366167 - Tests that the "Enable DRM" prompt shows if EME is requested while EME is disabled. 2933
browser_globalplugin_crashinfobar.js Test that the notification bar for crashed GMPs works. 1545
browser_iterate_hidden_plugins.js If a plugin is click-to-play and named in HIDDEN_CTP_PLUGIN_PREF, then the plugin should be hidden in the navigator.plugins list by default when iterating. 2314
browser_pluginCrashCommentAndURL.js global gBrowser 9482
browser_pluginCrashReportNonDeterminism.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 11606
browser_plugin_framed_domain.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 2169
browser_plugin_reloading.js 3288
browser_pluginnotification.js 20113
browser_private_browsing_eme_persistent_state.js This test ensures that navigator.requestMediaKeySystemAccess() requests to run EME with persistent state are rejected in private browsing windows. Bug 1334111. 1707
browser_private_clicktoplay.js 8366
browser_subframe_access_hidden_plugins.js If a plugin is click-to-play and named in HIDDEN_CTP_PLUGIN_PREF, then the plugin should be hidden in the navigator.plugins list by default. However, if a plugin has been allowed on a top-level document, we should let subframes of that document access navigator.plugins. 3134
empty_file.html 139
head.js global gTestBrowser:true 13447
plugin_add_dynamically.html 387
plugin_alternate_content.html 319
plugin_big.html 164
plugin_both.html 253
plugin_both2.html 252
plugin_bug744745.html 217
plugin_bug749455.html 236
plugin_bug787619.html 195
plugin_bug797677.html 121
plugin_crashCommentAndURL.html 736
plugin_favorfallback.html 3542
plugin_hidden_to_visible.html 236
plugin_iframe.html 151
plugin_outsideScrollArea.html 320
plugin_overlay_styles.html 695
plugin_shouldShowOverlay.html 3958
plugin_simple_blank.swf 37
plugin_small.html 162
plugin_small_2.html 169
plugin_syncRemoved.html 470
plugin_test.html 167
plugin_test2.html 246
plugin_two_types.html 354
plugin_unknown.html 173
plugin_zoom.html 234
.eslintrc.js 81