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browser.ini 317
browser_basic_outofprocess.js Verify that the colors were set properly. This has the effect of verifying that the processes are assigned for child frames correctly. 3682
browser_controller.js 3618
file_base.html 414
file_frame1.html 177
file_frame2.html 892
file_innerframe.html 50
head.js Set up a set of child frames for the given browser for testing out of process frames. 'OOP_BASE_PAGE_URI' is the base page and subframes contain pages from the same or other domains. @param browser browser containing frame hierarchy to set up @param insertHTML HTML or function that returns what to insert into each frame @returns array of all browsing contexts in depth-first order This function adds a browsing context and process id label to each child subframe. It also sets the background color of each frame to different colors based on the process id. The browser_basic_outofprocess.js test verifies these colors to ensure that the frame/process hierarchy has been set up as expected. Colors are used to help people visualize the process setup. The insertHTML argument may be either a fixed string of HTML to insert into each subframe, or a function that returns the string to insert. The function takes one argument, the browsing context being processed. 2962
.eslintrc.js 81