Name Description Size
a11y.toml 1879
focus.html editable document 125
scroll.html nsIAccessible actions testing for anchors 13048
slow_image.sjs 1801
test_announcement.html Announcement event and method testing 1875
test_aria_alert.html ARIA alert event testing 2333
test_aria_menu.html ARIA menu events testing 8721
test_aria_objattr.html Accessible ARIA object attribute changes 1779
test_aria_owns.html Aria-owns targets shouldn't be on invalidation list so shouldn't have show/hide events 3782
test_aria_statechange.html ARIA state change event testing 7713
test_attrchange.html Accessible attr change event testing 2677
test_bug1322593-2.html Accessible mutation events testing 2223
test_bug1322593.html Accessible mutation events testing 2142
test_caretmove.html Accessible caret move events testing 5190
test_coalescence.html Accessible mutation events coalescence testing 27700
test_contextmenu.html Context menu tests 3719
test_descrchange.html Accessible description change event testing 4542
test_dragndrop.html Accessible drag and drop event testing 3001
test_flush.html Flush delayed events testing 1810
test_focus_autocomplete.html Form Autocomplete Tests 2758
test_focus_autocomplete.xhtml 16878
test_focus_canvas.html Accessible focus testing in canvas subdom 1508
test_focus_contextmenu.xhtml 3476
test_focus_controls.html Accessible focus testing on HTML controls 2340
test_focus_doc.html Accessible document focus event testing 3445
test_focus_general.html Accessible focus testing 6322
test_focus_general.xhtml 4956
test_focus_listcontrols.xhtml 6075
test_focus_menu.xhtml 4332
test_focus_name.html Accessible name testing on focus 3496
test_focus_removal.html Test removal of focused accessible 2864
test_focus_selects.html Accessible focus testing 5770
test_focus_tabbox.xhtml 3503
test_focus_tree.xhtml 3640
test_focusable_statechange.html Test removal of focused accessible 4003
test_fromUserInput.html Testing of isFromUserInput in text events 3124
test_label.xhtml 5140
test_menu.xhtml 5363
test_mutation.html Accessible mutation events testing 20148
test_namechange.html Accessible name change event testing 6895
test_namechange.xhtml 2248
test_scroll.xhtml 3653
test_scroll_caret.xhtml 2651
test_selection.html Accessible selection event testing 3757
test_selection.xhtml 9040
test_selection_aria.html ARIA selection event testing 3716
test_statechange.html Accessible state change event testing 19622
test_statechange.xhtml 3771
test_text.html Accessible mutation events testing 10125
test_text_alg.html Accessible text update algorithm testing 7876
test_textattrchange.html Text attribute changed event for misspelled text 3204
test_textselchange.html Accessible text selection change events testing 2721
test_tree.xhtml 10196
test_valuechange.html Accessible value change events testing 10804