Name Description Size
ApplicationAccessible.cpp 4426
ApplicationAccessible.h ApplicationAccessible is for the whole application of Mozilla. Only one instance of ApplicationAccessible exists for one Mozilla instance. And this one should be created when Mozilla Startup (if accessibility feature has been enabled) and destroyed when Mozilla Shutdown. All the accessibility objects for toplevel windows are direct children of the ApplicationAccessible instance. 3361
ARIAGridAccessible.cpp 2849
ARIAGridAccessible.h Accessible for ARIA gridcell and rowheader/columnheader. 1041
BaseAccessibles.cpp 3881
BaseAccessibles.h This file contains a number of classes that are used as base classes for the different accessibility implementations of the HTML and XUL widget sets. --jgaunt 4004
DocAccessible-inl.h 6401
DocAccessible.cpp 102852
DocAccessible.h An accessibility tree node that originated in a content process and represents a document. Tabs, in-process iframes, and out-of-process iframes all use this class to represent the doc they contain. 28951
FormControlAccessible.cpp 2787
FormControlAccessible.h Checkbox accessible. 1756
HyperTextAccessible-inl.h 1582
HyperTextAccessible.cpp 41130
HyperTextAccessible.h Special Accessible that knows how contain both text and embedded objects 9044
ImageAccessible.cpp 8994
ImageAccessible.h LocalAccessible for supporting images supports: - gets name, role - support basic state 2858
LocalAccessible-inl.h 3305
LocalAccessible.cpp 163019
LocalAccessible.h 133c8bf4-4913-4355-bd50-426bd1d6e1ad 31984 1662
OuterDocAccessible.cpp 7437
OuterDocAccessible.h Used for <browser>, <frame>, <iframe>, <page> or editor> elements. In these variable names, "outer" relates to the OuterDocAccessible as opposed to the DocAccessibleWrap which is "inner". The outer node is a something like tags listed above, whereas the inner node corresponds to the inner document root. 2731
RootAccessible.cpp 24859
RootAccessible.h The node at a root of the accessibility tree. This node originated in the current process. If this is the parent process, RootAccessible is the Accessible for the top-level window. If this is a content process, RootAccessible is a top-level content document in this process, which is either a tab document or an out-of-process iframe. 2688
TextLeafAccessible.cpp 1384
TextLeafAccessible.h Generic class used for text nodes. 1410