Name Description Size
AccAttributes.cpp 9740
AccAttributes.h 9094
AccEvent.cpp 10504
AccEvent.h Generic accessible event. 16323
AccGroupInfo.cpp 12835
AccGroupInfo.h Calculate and store group information. 2403
AccIterator.cpp 12452
AccIterator.h AccIterable is a basic interface for iterators over accessibles. 8964
AccTypes.h Accessible object types. Each accessible class can have own type. 2252
ARIAMap.cpp This list of WAI-defined roles are currently hardcoded. Eventually we will most likely be loading an RDF resource that contains this information Using RDF will also allow for role extensibility. See bug 280138. Definition of nsRoleMapEntry contains comments explaining this table. When no Role enum mapping exists for an ARIA role, the role will be exposed via the object attribute "xml-roles". Note: the list must remain alphabetically ordered to support binary search. 36910
ARIAMap.h Used to define if role requires to expose Value interface. 9715
ARIAStateMap.cpp Used to store state map rule data for ARIA attribute of enum type. 10249
ARIAStateMap.h List of the ARIA state mapping rules. 1522
Asserts.cpp 1373
CacheConstants.h An initial cache push of a loaded document or inserted subtree. 11596
CachedTableAccessible.cpp static 15195
CachedTableAccessible.h TableAccessible implementation which builds and queries a cache. 8807
DocManager.cpp 18463
DocManager.h Manage the document accessible life cycle. 5587
EmbeddedObjCollector.cpp 1843
EmbeddedObjCollector.h Collect embedded objects. Provide quick access to accessible by index and vice versa. 1627
EventQueue.cpp 17495
EventQueue.h Used to organize and coalesce pending events. 2090
EventTree.cpp 2732
EventTree.h This class makes sure required tasks are done before and after tree mutations. Currently this only includes group info invalidation. You must have an object of this class on the stack when calling methods that mutate the accessible tree. 1572
Filters.cpp 696
Filters.h Predefined filters used for nsAccIterator and nsAccCollector. 882
FocusManager.cpp 15499
FocusManager.h Manage the accessible focus. Used to fire and process accessible events. 4313
HTMLMarkupMap.h 14715
IDSet.h A class to generate unique IDs in the range [ - 2^31, 0 ) 3552
Logging.cpp 30440
Logging.h Return true if any of the given modules is logged. 5948
MathMLMarkupMap.h 4047 2777
NotificationController.cpp 40935
NotificationController.h Notification interface. 11118
nsAccCache.h 890
nsAccessibilityService.cpp Accessibility service force enable/disable preference. Supported values: Accessibility is force enabled (accessibility should always be enabled): -1 Accessibility is enabled (will be started upon a request, default value): 0 Accessibility is force disabled (never enable accessibility): 1 69221
nsAccessibilityService.h Return focus manager. 16613
nsAccUtils.cpp 20389
nsAccUtils.h Set group attributes ('level', 'setsize', 'posinset'). 10748
nsCoreUtils.cpp 20595
nsCoreUtils.h Core utils. 11476
nsEventShell.cpp 2752
nsEventShell.h Used for everything about events. 2038
nsTextEquivUtils.cpp The accessible for which we are computing a text equivalent. It is useful for bailing out during recursive text computation, or for special cases like step f. of the ARIA implementation guide. 11568
nsTextEquivUtils.h Text equivalent computation rules (see nsTextEquivUtils::gRoleToNameRulesMap) 6185
Pivot.cpp 9660
Pivot.h This rule matches accessibles on a given role, filtering out non-direct descendants if necessary. 4320
Platform.h Return the platform disabled state. 4163
Relation.h A collection of relation targets of a certain type. Targets are computed lazily while enumerating. 2620 1191
RelationTypeMap.h Usage: declare the macro RELATIONTYPE()with the following arguments: RELATIONTYPE(geckoType, geckoTypeName, atkType, msaaType, ia2Type) 3989 1225
RoleMap.h Usage: declare the macro ROLE()with the following arguments: ROLE(geckoRole, stringRole, ariaRole, atkRole, macRole, macSubrole, msaaRole, ia2Role, nameRule) 38923
SelectionManager.cpp 9125
SelectionManager.h This special accessibility class is for the caret and selection management. There is only 1 visible caret per top level window. However, there may be several visible selections. The important selections are the one owned by each document, and the one in the currently focused control. On Windows this class is used to move an invisible system caret that shadows the Mozilla caret. Windows will also automatically map this to the MSAA caret accessible object (via OBJID_CARET) (as opposed to the root accessible tree for a window which is retrieved with OBJID_CLIENT). For ATK and IAccessible2, this class is used to fire caret move and selection change events. 3884
States.h The object is disabled, opposite to enabled and sensitive. 7581
Statistics.h Report that ISimpleDOM* has been used. 1080
StyleInfo.cpp 1770
StyleInfo.h 929
TextAttrs.cpp 29114
TextAttrs.h Used to expose text attributes for the hyper text accessible (see HyperTextAccessible class). @note "invalid: spelling" text attribute is implemented entirely in HyperTextAccessible class. 14422
TextLeafRange.cpp Helpers ** 72501
TextLeafRange.h Represents a point within accessible text. This is stored as a leaf Accessible and an offset into that Accessible. For an empty Accessible, the offset will always be 0. This will eventually replace TextPoint. Unlike TextPoint, this does not use HyperTextAccessible offsets. 12174
TextRange-inl.h 762
TextRange.cpp Returns a text point for aAcc within aContainer. 12850
TextRange.h A text point (HyperText + offset), represents a boundary of text range. In new code, This should only be used when you explicitly need to deal with HyperText containers and offsets, including embedded objects; e.g. for IAccessible2 and ATK. Otherwise, use TextLeafPoint instead. 5440
TextUpdater.cpp 7300
TextUpdater.h Used to find a difference between old and new text and fire text change events. 2785
TreeWalker.cpp 10015
TreeWalker.h This class is used to walk the DOM tree to create accessible tree. 3985
XULMap.h 4631