Name Description Size
pref-advanced.js System preferences 2785
pref-advanced.xul 7806
pref-appearance.js From locale switcher's switch.js: Load available locales into selection menu 3368
pref-appearance.xul 3884
pref-applicationManager.js 3437
pref-applicationManager.xul 1935
pref-applications.js // // Constants & Enumeration Values const TYPE_MAYBE_FEED = "application/vnd.mozilla.maybe.feed"; const TYPE_MAYBE_VIDEO_FEED = "application/"; const TYPE_MAYBE_AUDIO_FEED = "application/"; /* Preferences where we store handling information about the feed type. browser.feeds.handler - "messenger", "reader" (clarified further using the .default preference), or "ask" -- indicates the default handler being used to process feeds; "messenger" is obsolete, use "reader" instead; to specify that the handler is messenger, set browser.feeds.handler.default to "messenger"; browser.feeds.handler.default - "messenger", "client" or "web" -- indicates the chosen feed reader used to display feeds, either transiently (i.e., when the "use as default" checkbox is unchecked, corresponds to when browser.feeds.handler=="ask") or more permanently (i.e., the item displayed in the dropdown in Feeds preferences) browser.feeds.handler.webservice - the URL of the currently selected web service used to read feeds browser.feeds.handlers.application - nsIFile, stores the current client-side feed reading app if one has been chosen 59999
pref-applications.xul 4664
pref-cache.js nsICacheStorageConsumptionObserver 3435
pref-cache.xul 5958
pref-colors.js 901
pref-colors.xul 5424
pref-content.js When starting up, obtain min and max values for the zoom-range controls from the first and last values of the zoom-levels array. 4316
pref-content.xul 5139
pref-cookies.js 1214
pref-cookies.xul 3763
pref-debugging.js 608
pref-debugging.xul 5844
pref-download.js Enables/disables the folder field and Browse button based on whether a default download directory is being used. 6326
pref-download.xul 5135
pref-findasyoutype.js 547
pref-findasyoutype.xul 3261
pref-fonts.js 8139
pref-fonts.xul 12004
pref-history.js 1804
pref-history.xul 4082
pref-http.js 1448
pref-http.xul 3083
pref-images.xul 1881
pref-keynav.js 1585
pref-keynav.xul 4593
pref-languages-add.js reject bogus lang strings, INCLUDING those with HTTP "q" values kludged on the end of them Valid language codes examples: i.e. ja-JP-kansai (Kansai dialect of Japanese) en-US-texas (Texas dialect) i-klingon-tng (did TOS Klingons speak in non-English?) sgn-US-MA (Martha Vineyard's Sign Language) 4016
pref-languages-add.xul 2124
pref-languages.js 5226
pref-languages.xul 6193
pref-links.js 553
pref-links.xul 3072
pref-locationbar.js 1695
pref-locationbar.xul 5720
pref-media.xul 2224
pref-mousewheel.js 1655
pref-mousewheel.xul 16422
pref-navigator.js 7604
pref-navigator.xul 8752
pref-offlineapps.js Clears the application cache. 5221
pref-offlineapps.xul 3158
pref-popups.js 2618
pref-popups.xul 5812
pref-privatedata.js Disable/enable clear on shutdown items in dialog depending on general pref to clear on shutdown. 997
pref-privatedata.xul 8366
pref-proxies-advanced.xul 7247
pref-proxies.js 5146
pref-proxies.xul 6213
pref-scripts.js 1138
pref-scripts.xul 4220
pref-search.js 1882
pref-search.xul 1941
pref-security.js 545
pref-security.xul 4176
pref-smartupdate.js Preferences: app.update.enabled - boolean: - true if updates to the application are enabled, false otherwise extensions.update.enabled - boolean: - true if updates to extensions and themes are enabled, false otherwise - true if updates should be automatically downloaded and installed, false if the user should be asked what he wants to do when an update is available 2666
pref-smartupdate.xul 5805
pref-spelling.js 3781
pref-spelling.xul 3216
pref-sync.js 4638
pref-sync.xul 7108
pref-tabs.xul 4879
preferences.js 3146
preferences.xul 12102
prefpanels.css Font dialog menulist fixes 795
prefpanels.xml 2134