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nsGopherProtocolStubHandler.js This is a simple module which can be used as a template for any newly unsupported protocol. In this case, it redirects gopher:// protocol requests to the Mozilla Add-Ons page for OverbiteFF, which is a cross-platform extension for Gopherspace. This gives a soft-landing for support, which was withdrawn in Mozilla 2.0. See bugs 388195 and 572000. 2855
nsISuiteGlue.idl this is the suite version of nsIBrowserGlue ***** nsISuiteGlue is a dirty and rather fluid interface to host shared utility methods used by suite UI code, but which are not local to a suite window. The component implementing this interface is meant to be a singleton (service) and should progressively replace some of the shared "glue" code scattered in suite/ (e.g. bits of utilOverlay.js, contentAreaUtils.js, globalOverlay.js), avoiding dynamic inclusion and initialization of a ton of JS code for *each* window. Due to its nature and origin, this interface won't probably be the most elegant or stable in the mozilla codebase, but its aim is rather pragmatic: 1) reducing the performance overhead which affects browser window load; 2) allow global hooks (e.g. startup and shutdown observers) which survive suite windows to accomplish suite-related activities, such as shutdown sanitization (see bug #284086) 1730
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