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/* -*- Mode: IDL; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "MailNewsTypes2.idl"
interface nsINNTPNewsgroupPost;
typedef long nsNewsAction;
* Represents specific attributes to a URL for news usage.
* Note that the urls represented by this interface can be one of five schemes:
* [s]news, nntp[s], or news-message. Any URI that is valid under RFC 5538 will
* be accepted. However, it is possible for some queries to be invalid. There
* are also a few important things to note:
* - Missing authorities in [s]news: URIs cause nsIMsgMailNewsUrl::server and
* nsIMsgMessageUrl::folder to be null.
* - nsIMsgMailNewsUrl::server and nsIMsgMessageUrl::folder will be null if the
* specified server does not actually exist. In addition, the folder is null
* if the group is not currently subscribed on that server.
* - Although news-message URIs are parsable, there is no protocol handler
* associated with this url. To run these, you should convert these to the
* corresponding [s]news or nntp URL, and set the original one in
* nsIMsgMessageUrl::uri and ::originalSpec.
* - A URI that results in an ActionUnknown will not be run.
* - Cancel URIs require the original spec to also be set, so it can find both
* the message ID and the group/key combination.
* * Some actions require either a group or a message id. Since actions can be
* set after the fact, these conditions are not verified.
[scriptable, uuid(ef920ca3-9c46-48b8-9fa3-cb430d3681ea)]
interface nsINntpUrl : nsISupports {
/// For ActionPostArticle URIs, the message to be posted.
attribute nsINNTPNewsgroupPost messageToPost;
* The action that this URL will take when run.
* Most actions can be automatically determined from the URL spec as follows:
* 1. The query string is searched for the appropriate action.
* 2. A non-empty message ID or key is found (sets ActionFetchArticle).
* 3. A non-empty group is found (ActionGetNewNews or ActionListGroups).
attribute nsNewsAction newsAction;
/// For ActionGetNewNews URIs, whether or not to get older messages.
attribute boolean getOldMessages;
* The group portion of the URI, if one is present.
* This group name is fully unescaped; if you need to construct news URLs with
* this value, be sure to escape it first.
readonly attribute ACString group;
/// The message ID portion of the URI, if one is present
readonly attribute ACString messageID;
/// The message key portion of the URI or nsMsgKey_None if not present
readonly attribute nsMsgKey key;
/// returns the server's default charset.
readonly attribute ACString charset;
/// The action of this news URI could not be determined
const nsNewsAction ActionUnknown = 0;
/// Fetch the contents of an article
const nsNewsAction ActionFetchArticle = 1;
/// Fetch the part of an article (requires ?part=)
const nsNewsAction ActionFetchPart = 2;
/// Save the contents of an article to disk
const nsNewsAction ActionSaveMessageToDisk = 3;
/// Cancel the article (requires ?cancel)
const nsNewsAction ActionCancelArticle = 4;
/// Post an article
const nsNewsAction ActionPostArticle = 5;
/// List the non-expired ids in the newsgroup (requires ?list-ids)
const nsNewsAction ActionListIds = 6;
/// Do an online newsgroup search (requires ?search)
const nsNewsAction ActionSearch = 7;
/// Retrieve new messages from the server
const nsNewsAction ActionGetNewNews = 8;
/// List groups for subscribe
const nsNewsAction ActionListGroups = 9;
/// List new groups for subscribe (requires ?new-groups)
const nsNewsAction ActionListNewGroups = 10;
/// Constant for the default NNTP over ssl port number
const int32_t DEFAULT_NNTP_PORT = 119;
/// Constant for the default NNTP over ssl port number
const int32_t DEFAULT_NNTPS_PORT = 563;