Name Description Size 502
nsIMsgNewsFolder.idl |rawName| is an 8-bit string to represent the name of a newsgroup used by a news server. It's offered for the convenience of callers so that they don't have to convert |unicodeName| to the server-side name when communicating with a news server. It's US-ASCII except for some 'stand-alone' Chinese news servers that use GB2312 for newsgroup names violating RFC 1036. For those servers, it's GB2312. However, it can be any other single and multibyte encoding in principle. The encoding of this string is stored in |nsINntpIncomingServer| because that's a server-wide property. 5757
nsIMsgOfflineNewsState.idl offline news message state. Interface for old MSG_OfflineNewsArtState 816
nsINewsDownloadDialogArgs.idl 668
nsINntpIncomingServer.idl the on-disk path to the newsrc file for this server 4836
nsINNTPNewsgroupPost.idl This object represents the stream of data which will be sent to an NNTP server. You basically set up all the RFC850 required headers, etc, then pass it to something that reads off the nsIInputStream interface. 1523
nsINntpService.idl newsgroupsList is a comma separated list of newsgroups, which may be in news://host/group or group form "news://host/group1,news://host/group2" or "group1,group2" newsgroupsHeaderVal is a comma separated list of groups in the group form "group1,group2" newshostHeaderVal is a single hostname. "host" 2203
nsINntpUrl.idl Represents specific attributes to a URL for news usage. Note that the urls represented by this interface can be one of five schemes: [s]news, nntp[s], or news-message. Any URI that is valid under RFC 5538 will be accepted. However, it is possible for some queries to be invalid. There are also a few important things to note: - Missing authorities in [s]news: URIs cause nsIMsgMailNewsUrl::server and nsIMsgMessageUrl::folder to be null. - nsIMsgMailNewsUrl::server and nsIMsgMessageUrl::folder will be null if the specified server does not actually exist. In addition, the folder is null if the group is not currently subscribed on that server. - Although news-message URIs are parsable, there is no protocol handler associated with this url. To run these, you should convert these to the corresponding [s]news or nntp URL, and set the original one in nsIMsgMessageUrl::uri and ::originalSpec. - A URI that results in an ActionUnknown will not be run. - Cancel URIs require the original spec to also be set, so it can find both the message ID and the group/key combination. * Some actions require either a group or a message id. Since actions can be set after the fact, these conditions are not verified. 4154