Name Description Size
components.conf 5786 1000
nsLocalMailFolder.cpp 130967
nsLocalMailFolder.h Interface for representing Local Mail folders. 11675
nsLocalUndoTxn.cpp 17154
nsLocalUndoTxn.h 2632
nsLocalUtils.cpp 6795
nsLocalUtils.h 1076
nsMailboxProtocol.cpp the output_buffer_size must be larger than the largest possible line 2000 seems good for news jwz: I increased this to 4k since it must be big enough to hold the entire button-bar HTML, and with the new "mailto" format, that can contain arbitrarily long header fields like "references". fortezza: proxy auth is huge, buffer increased to 8k (sigh). 20206
nsMailboxProtocol.h should we pause for the next read 3925
nsMailboxServer.cpp 887
nsMailboxServer.h 692
nsMailboxService.cpp only used by open attachment... 19526
nsMailboxService.h only used by open attachment 2024
nsMailboxUrl.cpp 14966
nsMailboxUrl.h 3496
nsMsgBrkMBoxStore.cpp Class for handling Berkeley Mailbox stores. 39761
nsMsgBrkMBoxStore.h Class for handling Berkeley Mailbox stores. 1552
nsMsgFileHdr.cpp 10597
nsMsgFileHdr.h This mail-related class is a stub. You can help mailnews by expanding it. 922
nsMsgLocalStoreUtils.cpp Attempt to update X-Mozilla-Status and X-Mozilla-Status2 headers with new message flags by rewriting them in place. 12676
nsMsgLocalStoreUtils.h Utility Class for handling local mail stores. Berkeley Mailbox and MailDir stores inherit from this class to share some code. 1267
nsMsgMaildirStore.cpp Class for handling Maildir stores. 47292
nsMsgMaildirStore.h Class for handling Maildir stores. 1150
nsNoIncomingServer.cpp 5833
nsNoIncomingServer.h get some implementation from nsMsgIncomingServer 1365
nsNoneService.cpp 3989
nsNoneService.h nsNoneService_h___ 674
nsParseMailbox.cpp the following macros actually implement addref, release and query interface for our component. 89323
nsParseMailbox.h Used for the various things that parse RFC822 headers... 9452
nsPop3Sink.cpp for logging to Error Console 25605
nsPop3Sink.h 1882
nsPop3URL.cpp 6602
nsPop3URL.h Pop3 specific event sinks 1158
nsRssIncomingServer.cpp 8319
nsRssIncomingServer.h __nsRssIncomingServer_h 1729
nsRssService.cpp 3290
nsRssService.h nsRssService_h___ 564
Pop3Channel.jsm A channel to interact with POP3 server. @implements {nsIChannel} @implements {nsIRequest} 2516
Pop3Client.jsm A structure to represent a response received from the server. A response can be a single status line of a multi-line data block. @typedef {object} Pop3Response @property {boolean} success - True for a positive status indicator ("+OK","+"). @property {string} status - The status indicator, can be "+OK", "-ERR" or "+". @property {string} statusText - The status line of the response excluding the status indicator. @property {string} data - The part of a multi-line data block excluding the status line. A single char to represent a uidl status, possible values are: - 'k'=KEEP, - 'd'=DELETE - 'b'=TOO_BIG - 'f'=FETCH_BODY @typedef {string} UidlStatus 46713
Pop3IncomingServer.jsm @implements {nsIPop3IncomingServer} @implements {nsILocalMailIncomingServer} @implements {nsIMsgIncomingServer} @implements {nsISupportsWeakReference} 9276
Pop3ProtocolHandler.jsm @implements {nsIProtocolHandler} 1148
Pop3ProtocolInfo.jsm @implements {nsIMsgProtocolInfo} 1263
Pop3Service.jsm @implements {nsIPop3Service} 2103
StoreIndexer.cpp 10230
StoreIndexer.h StoreIndexer iterates through all the messages in a folder's local msgStore, building (or rebuilding) the message database. Future improvements: StoreIndexer should be decoupled from the folder. It should just take an nsIMsgPluggableStore to scan and a nsIMsgDatabase to populate, and that's it. Any folder-specific stuff (folder locking etc) should be handled higher up, by the calling code and its callback functions. NOTE: deriving from nsIStoreScanListener is _purely_ an implementation detail, and should not be considered part of the public interface! 3323