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components.conf 551 398
nsBayesianFilter.cpp 89257
nsBayesianFilter.h Helper class to enumerate Token objects in a PLDHashTable safely and without copying (see bugzilla #174859). The enumeration is safe to use until an Add() or Remove() is performed on the table. 13793
nsIncompleteGamma.h An implementation of the incomplete gamma functions for real arguments. P is defined as x / 1 [ a - 1 - t P(a, x) = -------- I t e dt Gamma(a) ] / 0 and infinity / 1 [ a - 1 - t Q(a, x) = -------- I t e dt Gamma(a) ] / x so that P(a,x) + Q(a,x) = 1. Both a series expansion and a continued fraction exist. This implementation uses the more efficient method based on the arguments. Either case involves calculating a multiplicative term: e^(-x)*x^a/Gamma(a). Here we calculate the log of this term. Most math libraries have a "lgamma" function but it is not re-entrant. Some libraries have a "lgamma_r" which is re-entrant. Use it if possible. I have included a simple replacement but it is certainly not as accurate. Relative errors are almost always < 1e-10 and usually < 1e-14. Very small and very large arguments cause trouble. The region where a < 0.5 and x < 0.5 has poor error properties and is not too stable. Get a better routine if you need results in this region. The error argument will be set negative if there is a domain error or positive for an internal calculation error, currently lack of convergence. A value is always returned, though. 7334