Name Description Size
components.conf 7832
MailtoProtocolHandler.sys.mjs Protocol handler for mailto: url. @implements {nsIProtocolHandler} 1207
MessageSend.sys.mjs A class to manage sending processes. @implements {nsIMsgSend} @implements {nsIWebProgressListener} 44330
MimeEncoder.sys.mjs A class to pick Content-Transfer-Encoding for a MimePart, and encode MimePart body accordingly. 13658
MimeMessage.sys.mjs A class to create a top MimePart and write to a tmp file. It works like this: 1. collect top level MIME headers (_gatherMimeHeaders) 2. collect HTML/plain main body as MimePart[] (_gatherMainParts) 3. collect attachments as MimePart[] (_gatherAttachmentParts) 4. construct a top MimePart with above headers and MimePart[] (_initMimePart) 5. write the top MimePart to a tmp file (createMessageFile) NOTE: It's possible we will want to replace nsIMsgSend with the interfaces of MimeMessage. As a part of it, we will add a `send` method to this class. 19049
MimeMessageUtils.sys.mjs Generate an NS_ERROR code from a MAILNEWS error code. See NS_ERROR_GENERATE in nsError.h and NS_MSG_GENERATE_FAILURE in nsComposeStrings.h. @param {number} code - The error code in MAILNEWS module. @returns {number} 33978
MimePart.sys.mjs A class to represent a RFC2045 message. MimePart can be nested, each MimePart can contain a list of MimePart. HTML and plain text are parts as well. Use class MimeMultiPart for multipart/*, that's why this class doesn't expose an addPart method 10930 1464
nsComposeStrings.cpp 3915
nsComposeStrings.h String Ids used by mailnews\compose To Do: Convert the callers to use names instead of ids and then make this file obsolete. 4192
nsMsgAttachedFile.cpp 4562
nsMsgAttachedFile.h _nsMsgAttachedFile_H_ 462
nsMsgAttachment.cpp attribute wstring name; 7025
nsMsgAttachment.h _nsMsgAttachment_H_ 1051
nsMsgAttachmentData.cpp 2728
nsMsgAttachmentData.h 5980
nsMsgCompFields.cpp 16520
nsMsgCompFields.h Note that all the "Get" methods never return NULL (except in case of serious error, like an illegal parameter); rather, they return "" if things were set to NULL. This makes it real handy for the callers. 6721
nsMsgCompose.cpp 178847
nsMsgCompose.h this macro defines QueryInterface, AddRef and Release for this class 8976
nsMsgComposeContentHandler.cpp 588595FE-1ADA-11d3-A715-0060B0EB39B5 4185
nsMsgComposeContentHandler.h 673
nsMsgComposeParams.cpp the following macro actually implement addref, release and query interface for our component. 4408
nsMsgComposeParams.h 921
nsMsgComposeProgressParams.cpp attribute wstring subject; 1305
nsMsgComposeProgressParams.h 611
nsMsgComposeService.cpp 52194
nsMsgComposeService.h 2405
nsMsgCompUtils.cpp Checks if the recipient fields have sane values for message send. 38801
nsMsgCompUtils.h subject 3300
nsMsgCopy.cpp 16696
nsMsgCopy.h _nsMsgCopy_H_ 3654
nsMsgPrompts.cpp 3305
nsMsgPrompts.h _nsMsgPrompts_H_ 1292
nsMsgQuote.cpp We don't need to quote the message body but we still need to extract the headers 6290
nsMsgQuote.h __nsMsgQuote_h__ 1261
nsMsgSendLater.cpp 46553
nsMsgSendLater.h _nsMsgSendLater_H_ 4715
nsMsgSendReport.cpp attribute boolean proceeded; 12185
nsMsgSendReport.h 1053
nsSmtpUrl.cpp start past the '?' 23284
nsSmtpUrl.h 4345
OutgoingServerService.sys.mjs The service in charge of creating and referencing all known outgoing message servers. @implements {nsIMsgOutgoingServerService} 7422
SmtpClient.sys.mjs The number of RCPT TO commands sent on the connection by this client. This can count-up over multiple messages. Per RFC, the minimum total number of recipients that MUST be buffered is 100 recipients. @see When 100 or more recipients have been counted on a connection, a new connection will be established to handle the additional recipients. 47321
SMTPProtocolHandler.sys.mjs @implements {nsIProtocolHandler} 977
SmtpServer.sys.mjs This class represents a single SMTP server. @implements {nsIMsgOutgoingServer} @implements {nsISupportsWeakReference} @implements {nsIObserver} 20074