Name Description Size 839
nsIMsgAttachment.idl name attribute @Attachment real name, will be sent with the attachment's header. @If no name has been provided, a name will be generated using the url. 4088
nsIMsgCompFields.idl A collection of headers and other attributes for building a mail message. 3392
nsIMsgCompose.idl Send only plain text if the message is free of any rich formatting or inserted elements. Otherwise send both a HTML part and plain text alternative part. 10089
nsIMsgComposeParams.idl Will resend the original message keeping the Subject and the body the same, and will set the Reply-To: header to the sender of the original message. This gets the redirector "out of the loop" because replies to the message will go to the original sender. This is not the same as the Resent mechanism described in section 3.6.6 of RFC 2822, and so therefore does not use Resent-* headers. 3184
nsIMsgComposeProgressParams.idl message subject 574
nsIMsgComposeSecure.idl Callback type for use with asyncFindCertByEmailAddr. 6016
nsIMsgComposeService.idl Open a compose window given a mailto url and other options. @param msgComposeWindowURL Can be null in most cases. If you have your own chrome url you want to use in bringing up a compose window, pass it in here. @param msgHdr The header of the original message. @param originalMsgURI The URI of the original message. @param type The message compose type: new/reply/forward/.. @param format The message compose format: text/html/.. @param identity The identity to send the message from. @param from The email address of the sender. @param aMsgWindow The message window to use. @param suppressReplyQuote An optional boolean flag to ignore or include selected content in aMsgWindow as quote in the new compose window. 7315
nsIMsgCompUtils.idl Detect the text encoding of an input string. This is a wrapper of mozilla::EncodingDetector to be used by JavaScript code. For C++, use MsgDetectCharsetFromFile from nsMsgUtils.cpp instead. @param aContent The string to detect charset. @returns Detected charset. 965
nsIMsgCopy.idl The contract ID for this component is;1. 1521
nsIMsgQuote.idl Quote a particular message specified by its URI. @param charset optional parameter - if set, force the message to be quoted using this particular charset 1347
nsIMsgQuotingOutputStreamListener.idl 593
nsIMsgSend.idl The nsIMsgSend method will create an RFC822 message and send it all in one operation as well as providing the ability to save disk files for later use. The mode of delivery can also be specified for the "Send Later", "Drafts" and "Templates" operations. (NOTE: This method could easily be broken in to a few different calls. Currently, this method does several functions depending on the arguments passed in, but this could easily lead to confusion. This is something that very well may change as time allows). 15953
nsIMsgSendLater.idl nsIMsgSendLater is a service used for sending messages in the background. Messages should be saved to an identity's unsent messages folder, and then can be sent by calling sendUnsentMessages. Although the service supports passing identities as parameters, until bug 317803 is fixed, all identities use the same folder, and hence the option currently doesn't work. 2318
nsIMsgSendLaterListener.idl Implement this interface and add to nsIMsgSendLater to receive notifications of send later actions. 3933
nsIMsgSendListener.idl Notify the observer that the message has started to be delivered. This method is called only once, at the beginning of a message send operation. @return The return value is currently ignored. In the future it may be used to cancel the URL load.. 3339
nsIMsgSendReport.idl see nsMsgDeliverMode in nsIMsgSend.idl for valid value 1673
nsISmtpServer.idl This interface represents a single SMTP Server. A SMTP server instance may be created/obtained from nsIMsgAccountManager. Most of the attributes will set/get preferences from the main preferences file. 4941
nsISmtpService.idl Sends a mail message via the given parameters. This function builds an SMTP URL and makes an SMTP connection, and then runs the url. The SMTP server defined in the aSenderIdentity object (see nsIMsgIdentity) will be used to send the message. If there is no SMTP server defined in aSenderIdentity, the default SMTP server will be used. @note The file to send must be in the format specified by RFC 2822 for sending data. This includes having the correct CRLF line endings throughout the file, and the <CRLF>.<CRLF> at the end of the file. sendMailMessage does no processing/additions on the file. @param aFilePath The file to send. @param aRecipients A comma delimited list of recipients. @param aSenderIdentity The identity of the sender. @param aSender The senders email address. @param aPassword Pass this in to prevent a dialog if the password is needed for secure transmission. @param aUrlListener A listener to listen to the URL being run, this parameter may be null. @param aStatusListener A feedback listener for slightly different feedback on the message send status. This parameter may be null. @param aNotificationCallbacks More notification callbacks @param aRequestDSN Pass true to request Delivery Status Notification. @param aMessageId The message id can be used as ENVID for DSN. @param aURL Provides a handle on the running url. You can later interrupt the action by asking the netlib service manager to interrupt the url you are given back. This parameter may be null. @param aRequest Provides a handle to the running request. This parameter may be null. 5690
nsISmtpUrl.idl SMTP Parse specific getters. These retrieve various parts from the url. 3753